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UFOs in New Federal Budget

The government may deny the existence of UFOs, but there's still room for them in the federal budget. In a passage titled "Where Are the Real Space Aliens?" President Bush's budget document says, "Despite all the space aliens that appear in science fiction movies and books, we have yet to find conclusive evidence for life, even microbes,...

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Participant in Abuctee Study Speaks Out

One of the subjects in the study described in the unknowncountry news tells the facts behind the headlines in our Insight Section. He says, "One needs to be aware that McNally's personal opinion is not the direct result of his results, which are remarkable. McNally's study proved that the physiological responses of experiencers are as authentic...

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Communion is Here?Signed by Whitley!

Thousands of you have asked us to stock signed copies of Whitley Strieber's important book Communion, about his initial visitor experiences, so it's now in our store. This is the book that changed the public perception about UFOs, and changed Whitley's life forever.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site,...

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Where UFOs are Seriously Studied

The National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), located just off the Las Vegas strip, is a place where scientists take UFOs seriously. "We don't study aliens," says biochemist Colm Kelleher. "We study anomalies. They're the same thing in a lot of people's minds, but not in our minds.?

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Does Saddam Have a Crashed UFO?

"An UFO-related incident that occurred four years ago poses a troubling question whether any kind of cooperation is possible between Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and extraterrestrials," says Joseph Trainor of UFO Roundup. "On December 16, 1998, during Operation Desert Fox against Iraq, a video clip aired on CNN showed a UFO hovering over...

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More UFOs in Malaysia

Peter Levenda, author of Unholy Alliance, regularly reports on UFOs in his adopted country of Malaysia?news that doesn't reach us here in the U.S.

He writes, "In the Chinese language newspaper Nanyang Siang Pau on January 24, 2003 there was a report of a UFO spotted along the Thai-Malaysian border. It was seen on both sides of the...

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UFO Wave in Argentina

Here's information you won't find in your local newspaper: On Saturday, January 11, 2003, beginning at 8:30 p.m., a large group of "flying fireballs" were seen over Buenos Aires, Argentina. UFO researcher Ricardo E. D'Angelo says, "Right now, Buenos Aires is experiencing a massive wave of UFOs, possibly the most intense of the past few years....

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The Media Ignores UFO Info

UFO researcher Richard Dolan writes, "Most people don't realize that bizarre, unexplained, aerial phenomena go on all the time?Normally, not a week goes by without something extraordinary being seen by people somewhere around the globe. Many of these sightings are of high quality, in terms of factual details observed and the caliber of the...

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UFO??Decide for Yourself

In New Zealand, there's a famous "bra fence," which is festooned with intimate items. While looking at a photograph he'd taken of it, Tom Ueyama noticed it contains what looks like a UFO. "I don't believe in aliens and extraterrestrial beings, but there's something in that photo that's not right," he says. He didn?t see the object when he took...

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Euroseti to Exhibit SOHO Satellite UFO Images

For years, NASA has claimed that images of strange objects picked up by Space Shuttle cameras and satellites are nothing but camera errors or misidentified images.

But now hundreds of UFOs have been captured by the European SOHO satellite, which was sent out to observe the sun. Euroseti founder Mike Murray says, "They are the archetypal...

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UFO Experiences Increased by Occult

Hugh Ross is an astronomer and a Christian who believes in UFOs?but he doesn't think they come from other planets. He says 99% of the UFOs people report to him are easily identifiable as a star, cluster of planets, or other object in the night sky. The remaining 1% are what interest him.

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UFO?Or Clouds?

Three Oklahoma helicopter pilots took some intriguing photos of lenticular clouds, which are often mistaken for UFOs because of their circular shape. However, the third photo shows a small round object in the center of the cloud, so the question is: do the photos show clouds, a UFO?or both?

Pilot Luis Monroy says, "I've never seen...

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Biggest UFO Story of 2002

George Filer, of Filer's Files, has chosen the Ukraine UFO air show crash as the biggest UFO story of last year. A video was shown on Ukrainian and Russian television showing a UFO flying near to a Ukrainian fighter jet moments before the jet crashed into the crowd at the Sknilov Aerodrome on July 27, killing 84 people, including 27 children....

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Will Bush Keep UFO Promise?

On November 4, 2002, President George W. Bush attended a Republican campaign rally at Northwest Regional Airport in Arkansas. Charles Huffer reports, "I had a chance to shake his hand. I reminded him that over two years ago he had promised me that he would finally tell us the truth about UFOs, if elected. I then asked President Bush if he...

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Welcome to the UFO Bar

The patrons of Benson's Hide-A-Way near Kettle Moraine State Forest in Wisconsin aren?t afraid to talk about their UFO sightings, abductions or missing time experiences. Owner Bill Benson says, "The reason we started the UFO thing was people had this to share without being laughed at or scoffed at."

It all started when a crop circle was...

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U.K. Releases Famous UFO Document

Over 20 years ago, U.S. airmen reported seeing a "strange glowing object" near a British air base in the early morning of December 27, 1980. The detailed report is now being released as part of a U.K. declassification program. Before this week, while the information was widely spread by UFO researchers, the document itself had only been seen...

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UFOs in Norway

In the Norwegian village of Asker, west of Oslo, Helene Solberg looked out her window and saw a comet-like with a long, bright tail flying object flying through afternoon sky shortly after 2 pm. She called her husband Stig, who told her to take a video of it. Helene saw the UFO for 8 minutes and managed to get 3 minutes of it on tape.


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UFO on TV News in Malaysia

Peter Levenda, author of the popular book "Unholy Alliance," reports from the far east: "In a strange broadcast this evening (Tuesday-Wednesday) on 'Nightline' on Malaysian television station TV3, there were confirmed reports of a UFO?actually one in a series of UFOs?sighted over Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Malaysia?s Borneo province of...

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UFO Seen by Multiple Witnesses in Turkey

According to a Turkish UFO site, on November 1st, airline pilots in several different planes, as well as witnesses on the ground, saw a bright light they first thought was another plane--then realized was a UFO--when it broke up into a group of smaller lights and rapidly vanished. One pilot says, "I'm 100 percent certain that the object I saw...

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Aliens May Be Here Now

Aliens may be living here right now, but we can't see them. Some of the scientists on a panel that met at George Washington University came to this conclusion after looking at the evidence, from eyewitness reports and photographs to radar blips and metal artifacts. Bernard Haisch of the CA Institute for Physics and Astrophysics, thinks...

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Are the Visitors Dangerous?

Are the Visitors--sometimes called ETs or extraterrestrials--dangerous to human beings? We asked you to vote and here's what you think: 24% think they're very beneficial and 19% of you think they're somewhat beneficial. 10% think they're very dangerous and 9% think they're somewhat dangerous. And most of you--40%--aren't sure how to answer,...

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TV Channel Investigates Roswell

The Sci Fi cable TV channel has announced that it did a secret, on-the-ground study of the spot where the UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947, for the documentary "The Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence," which will air November 22nd. Researchers at the University of New Mexico used remote sensing technologies and modern...

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UFO Caught on Video

Fox News in New York aired video of a UFO that was accidentally taped by a camcorder near Albany Airport. The cameraman thought it was hundreds of feet long, and it appeared to be very slender, needle-shaped, with missile-like fins fore and aft. It moved extremely rapidly from right to left above the clouds. According to the photographer, the...

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Will 2003 Be the Year of the Alien?

In his new Journal, Whitley writes, ?2003 could bring some dramatic changes in the way we perceive the UFO phenomenon?Bill Clinton's former Chief of Staff John Podesta has called on the Pentagon to release classified UFO information. Steven Spielberg has committed himself to the idea that abductions are real with his new series, ?Taken.?...

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Are UFO Files Hidden in Russia?

It's long been known that UFOs were studied for many years by the Russian Academy of Sciences and other Soviet institutions. During the past few years, lots of allegedly classified Russian documents have appeared on the Internet, but experts says most of these are bogus. But the real documents must exist somewhere.

One case that?s known...

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UFO Coverup Makes Us Distrust U.S.

A new national opinion poll finds that 72% of Americans believe the government is not telling us everything it knows about UFOs. The poll reveals that more men than women think information about UFOs and ETs (66-63% vs. 54%) should be shared with the public. The younger you are, the more you think the government is withholding information about...

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Gov. Official Wants UFO Disclosure

Former White House chief of staff John Podesta is calling on the Pentagon to release classified files about UFOs. He says, "It is time for the government to declassify records that are more than 25 years old and to provide scientists with data that will assist in determining the real nature of this phenomenon."

Podesta has announced the...

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Are There UFOs Underwater?

Continuing what seems to be a gradual leak of formerly secret UFO information by Russia (See Sept. 18 news "Will Russians Reveal Data on UFOs?", click here, Pravda reports on a case of underwater lights seen in 1908 from a Russian ship: "Suddenly, an unusual green-white light broke out under the stern, which soon occupied most of the water's...

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UFO Images from Malaysia

Images of a UFO were captured by a surveillance camera mounted on top of the Kota Kinabalu International Airport terminal in Mayaysia last week. The craft has been described as looking like a "flying coffin."

The security officers monitoring the revolving camera were surprised to see an unknown object flying across the screen and...

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Water on Other Planets May Mean ETs

Signs of water have been found in the atmospheres of planets orbiting distant stars, which may mean our galaxy is teeming with life. Astronomers looked for water near 17 stars, all of which are thought to have planetary systems orbiting around them. They used powerful telescopes to search for microwaves that come from water in a planet's...

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