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Green Tea Medicine (Cont.)

Do ancientcures work? A team of scientists have discovered thatgreen tea hasan antitumor effect in breast cancer cells, so women:switch togreen tea!

Cancer is a disease caused by the increased proliferation ofcells which group and form a lump called tumor. Tumors canbe benign or malignant. Cells from malignant tumors breakaway from the...

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Green Tea Medicine

We have written before about the amazing health benefits of green tea. Now it has been discovered that it may help protect us against cancer--and AIDS! Green tea may almost be a medicine, but coffee may be just as good (for older women anyway).
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Green Medicine

With St. Patrick's Day coming up, we want to remind you thatdrinking a nice warm cup of green tea has long been touted for its health benefits?in fact, some doctors even consider it a form of medicine. Eating green is good for you: it's long been known that folic acid, found in dark green vegetables, is especially important for pregnant women....

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English (and Irish) Destroy Health Benefits of Tea

As we've reported before, tea has great health benefits?especially green tea. But it turn out that putting milk into tea, as the English and Irish do, destroys these benefits. And green tea may not really be more healthy?it may just seem that way, because people do not drink green tea with milk.

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Tea is Good?and Bad?for You

Drinking tea is both good and bad for you. How can that be? Regular tea boosts the immune system (unlike coffee), but herbal tea contains acids that eat away tooth enamel.

Regular tea contains chemicals called alkylamine antigens, which are also present in some bacteria, cancer cells, parasites and fungi. When the body is exposed to them...

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Tea Time is Good for You

Get out that tea pot and those dainty porcelain cups because scientists have declared that tea is good for your health. Drinking several cups of tea a day can help prevent heart attacks, protect bone density and guard against osteoporosis and help prevent cancer as well.

Dr. Kenneth Mukamal of Harvard University has found that drinking...

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