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Brains Absorb More Information From Real Books Than From E-Books

Science has great news for bibliophiles who can’t quite get the same buzz from downloading an e-book onto their Kindle as they do from the purchase of a good old-fashioned paper novel.

Aside from the fact that Kindle removes the sensory experience of book-ownership - you can’t touch, flick through, even smell a Kindle...
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The Limitless Mind: Scientists Discover Mind Power Can Alter Genetic Structure

We may believe that our genetic programming is a permanent factor in our physical state of being, yet more and more research is proving that our genes can in fact be altered by complex interactions between genetics, our environment, diet and lifestyle.

Those are physical factors, but could genes really be influenced by mind power?...
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Scientists Discover How To Mend a Broken Heart

Researchers at the Salk Institute have found a way to heal damaged hearts, though the new discovery refers to physical cardiac damage, not the emotional kind.

Scientists have managed to repair the injured hearts of living mice by reactivating long dormant molecular machinery found in the animals’ cells, a finding that could help...
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Weekender: The Science of Awe

Our inner emotions are very powerful, and it is becoming more widely accepted by science that they can have profound and measurable physiological effects.

Stress is known to have negative effects on the body, but what about more positive emotions, such as happiness, joy and awe?
Can feeling deeply moving sentiments change our...
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Science Develops Method of Communicating with Animals

In recent years, researchers have been exploring methods of interacting with animals in an attempt to understand how they really feel about their lives.

Dr. Ian Duncan, emeritus chair in animal welfare at the University of Guelph, Canada, claims to have developed a system that allows him to ask questions of and receive answers from...
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Scientists build a flying jellyfish!

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it’s a . . . jellyfish?

Researchers have built a small vehicle that is able to fly through the air using graceful, undulating movements similar to those of a jellyfish swimming through water.

The work, which will be presented at the American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid...
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Embarrassing Science

And nutty inventions - Now that we've reached 2010, we can look back at some of the most embarrassing scientific discoveries of 2009. As you might expect, quite a number ofthem have to do with male sex. But that's far from the whole story.Beyond ridiculous current studies, the past also has a greatdeal to offer. Nothing like a...

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Pope Not Acting Like a Christian

Scientists have complained for years about junk science in the Bush White House. Now the pope is preaching the same thing!

One of the world's most prestigious medical journals, the Lancet, has accused Pope Benedict of distorting science in his remarks on condom use. It said the Pope's recent comments that condoms exacerbated the problem...

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Will Bush Science Soon be Over?

When the November election is over, will this ALSO be the end of junk science in the White House?

In the September 10th edition of New Scientist, Ivan Semeniuk interviews Anne Solomon, of the Center for the Study of the Presidency, a non-partisan organization in Washington, DC that studies the successes?and failures?or past...

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Pseudo-Science Tests for Food & Drugs

We've discovered that major oil companies have fed us disinformation about global warming. One troubling government policy change is that drug companies are now testing their own drugs. While this saves taxpayer money, it does not promote objectivity. It also turns out they're doing the same thing with food!

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Is That Science Real or FAKE?

Everyone who loves science, that includes the writers and readers of this web site, has been dismayed by the anti-scientific stance of the current administration?particularly since there is absolutely no reason that science and religion have to clash.

After criticizing researchers in academia, the Bush administration is now trying to...

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Junk Science Taught Worldwide

Scientists around the world are concerned about creationism being taught in schools, instead of evolution. For them, this is all part of the trend towards junk science, which shapes facts to fit beliefs?at a time when, more than ever, we need REAL science to solve our major problems.

In the Independent, Sarah Cassidy quotes British...

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These Puzzles May Finally be Solved in 2006

The March 19 issue of New Scientist Magazine reports on mysteries that continue to baffle scientists. These include cosmic rays, dark matter and the placebo effect. Will researchers find the solutions to these puzzles in 2006?

The placebo effect means that if you THINK you are taking an effective medication or treatment, it is often just...

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Can Science Save Us Before it's Too Late?

The author Kurt Vonnegut recently said, "We are not nice animals, and the Earth's immune system is trying to shake us off." How many future generations of humans will the beleaguered Earth be able to sustain?

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Moving Without Touching

Using muscle power as a model, scientists have discovered a way to move an object without touching it, by using only a beam of light. They can use this method to move objects up a hill as well as on a flat surface. Some day light beams may be used to guide drugs to the specific parts of the body where they're needed. This would be especially...

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Science Explains the Paranormal on Dreamland

This week on Dreamland, physicistClaudeSwanson reports on the building scientific evidence of theparanormal. Listen as he tells the spellbinding andempowering story of new scientific findings that explainthings like parallel universes, psychic forces,teleportation and much more. He explains the power ofprayer, the meaning of near-death...

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Major Scientists Say Bush Promotes Pseudo-Science

The Union of Concerned Scientists accuses the Bush administration of practicing junk science. Bush science advisor John Marburger complains that the UCS's February report reads like a "conspiracy theory report."

Bruce Sterling writes in that, "The Bush administration has no respect for science. Ideologues prefer to make up the...

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The Pentagon Fights Back

The Pentagon, which once saw eye-to-eye with the White House, seems to be fighting them lately, when it comes to the Bush administration's embrace of junk science. First they issued a report on the military dangers of global warming, despite the administration's denials that this is a major problem and its inaction on measures to solve it. Now...

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Junk Science at the White House

In the latest issue of The Nation, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. writes: "The Bush Administration's first instinct when it comes to science has been to suppress, discredit or alter facts it doesn't like. Over the past two years the Administration has done this to a dozen major government studies on global warming, in its own efforts to stall action...
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It's Ignobel

Since 1991, Marc Abrahams has been giving out the Ig Nobel Prizes to the researchers who have conducted the most ridiculous scientific experiments during the year. The next awards will be given out on October 2nd at MIT. Recently, he awarded a prize to a study about why teenagers pick their noses.

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