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Will Our Children's Future Friends Be Robots?

With the help of a smart tablet and Angry Birds, children can now do something typically reserved for engineers and computer scientists: program a robot to learn new skills. The Georgia Institute of Technology project is designed to serve as a rehabilitation tool and to help kids with disabilities.

The researchers have paired a small...
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Scientists build a flying jellyfish!

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it’s a . . . jellyfish?

Researchers have built a small vehicle that is able to fly through the air using graceful, undulating movements similar to those of a jellyfish swimming through water.

The work, which will be presented at the American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid...
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The Trouble with Robots

Every month, the US economy becomes more automated. Robots can cut manufacturing costs, but the problem is that they can't SPEND any money (NOTE: ...
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Robot Fish Swimming in Our Seas

Drones are all around us, in the sky (and now) in the water too. The next time you go fishing, you may pull out a robot, because the Department of Homeland is developing an unmanned underwater vehicle that looks like a tuna...
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How to Change the Climate: Bioengineer Humans

If we can't get human beings to stop contributing to climate change, maybe we need to re-eingineer humans. Many contactees (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this interview) think "the Grays" are...
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Robot Morals

As robots become more common, we need to find ways to that the judgments they make reflect human moral values.
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Muzak Robot Reads Your Mind

If a robot could read your mind, it would know what kind of music you're in the mood to hear and instantly play it for you.

Shimi is a kind of robot jukebox, stuffed with music you like (just like your ipod), but it's different in one way: it...
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Your Next Teacher May Be a Mind-Reading Robot

AND despite being a machine, the robot may even be a BETTER teacher--NO WONDER machines are taking over our jobs! (NOTE:...

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Print Yourself a Helpful Robot

Soon you'll be able to print a pet, so why not print yourself a robot as well?

And once you discover a task that needs doing, it won't take long to print a robot to do the work:...
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Has a Robot Stolen Your Job?

No wonder you're out of work--today's factories are filled with robots. And in the not-so-distant future they will do even MORE than put parts together: Armies of robots will be nimbly be crawling up towers and skyscrapers to make repairs, so humans don’t have to. is opening new warehouses that will use armies of...
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Communicating With Your Robot (Part II)

Could there be machines among us that we don't even notice, because they are so human? This is the premise behind Whitley's new novel, titled...
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Communicating with Your Robot

Could there be machines among us that we don't even notice, because they are so human? This is the premise behind Whitley's new novel, titled "...
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How to Raise Your Robot

People who build robots say that, in the future, we'll all have at least one of them working for us. They have learned that they need to create a kind of robot evolution in order to transform...
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Messy House?

Get a robot! - Most households have a refrigerator and vacuum cleaner, and the lucky ones have a dishwasher and clothes washer too. So how to impress the neighbors? Get your own robot.

If you hate tidying up a messy room, assembling a bookshelf from a kit of parts, fetching a hairbrush for someone who can't do it herself...

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Robot Spies

Another MOTKE prediction comes true - Stanley Kubrick's movie "2001, a Space Odyssey," made over 40 years ago, featured a nefarious, lying computer named "Hal." Scientists are now creating robots that will be skilled in the art of deception and hope to use them to confuse enemies in battle. Are we moving a step towards Hal-like...

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Leave it up to a robot - We predict that the future will reveal a world filled with robots, and there are all kinds of them out there already. How do you teach someone to trust, especially someone who has been emotionally "burned" in the past? You get them a "trust robot."

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Mind Control

By intelligent machines - The Master of the Key told Whitley, "If I was an intelligent machine, I would deceive you." Well, intelligent machines are only one of the new things that are coming our way!

The H Plus website reports that, "While the US Army actively pursues 'thought helmets' that might someday lead to secure...

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Tai Chi for Robots (& Bird Flu)

Tai chi chih, the Westernized version of the 2,000-year-old Chinese martial art characterized by slow movement and meditation, significantly boosts the immune systems of older adults. And researchers are making robots that move more efficiently by teaching them tai chi.

The immune systems' defenses against the painful, blistery rash...

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How It Feels to Be a Robot

We recently shared a story with you about how it feels to be a genius. Now we want to know how it feels to be a robot. One Japanese researcher found out.

Japan has been doing some incredible research on realistic robots. Yuri Kagayama writes in about how it feels to be remotely controlled. The Pentagon is developing...

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Robots Invading Our Lives

In the future, according to some scientists, robots will turn up as nannies, teachers and as dogs that keep track of your health. Researchers have also invented a robot juror that can help decide whether or not an offender should be given the death penalty.

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Realistic Android has Arrived

Japanese scientists have developed an incredibly real-looking female robot, made of soft silicone "skin" instead of hard plastic. It can blink and move its hands like a human, and even seems to breathe. Is this Blade Runner come to life, or does it mean we never need to be lonely again? Right now the android, called Repliee Q1, can only sit and...

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Rat Brain Makes Art

Lakshmi Sandhana writes in about an Australian robot arm that draws pictures and is powered by the brain of a rat, which is sitting in a petri dish in the U.S.

The arm holds three colored markers above a white sheet of paper, and makes drawings that resemble those of a three-year-old child. The brain and arm communicate with...

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Do You Have Android Appeal?

Artificial intelligence experts have invented a robotic head named Doki, which can scientifically determine how attractive women are to men. But it doesn't work in reverse, because women's tastes in men are more complex and aren't based on looks alone. And a scientist has figured out that we start learning how to kiss while we're still in the...

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