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Air Pollution Bad in Western States

Newswise - Everyone talks about California smog, but it's the air in the Western states in the US that is getting bad. One reason is that so many people drive heavily polluting vehicles, while California has strict emissions laws. By mid-century, the EPA says air quality in the West will deteriorate.

Computer modeling...

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Air Pollution Means Low Fertility, More Miscarriages

It's hard to believe that air pollution can lead to lower female fertility and more miscarriages, but scientists are now convinced this is the case. The number of couples having trouble conceiving and taking fertility drugs or using in-vitro fertilization in order to have a baby has skyrocketed at the same time that the air has gotten dirtier...

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Favorite Cooking Surface May Be Dangerous

Oh, no, not Teflon! We've all loved this non-stick cooking surface ever since it was developed from research done by NASA for the space program. But now the EPA warns that even low-level exposure to this substance can cause "apotential risk of developmental and other adverse effects" on human health.

Juliet Eilperin writes in the...

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Air Pollution Kills

Experts may be significantly underestimating air pollution's role in causing early death, according to a team of researchers who studied twenty years of auto emissions data to learn the effect on Los Angeles residents. Also, the closer children live to a freeway, the greater their chance of being diagnosed with asthma. These children have...

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Beaches Closed Across the Country

When you take your annual Labor Day trip to the beach, will it be safe to go in the water? Ocean and lakefront beaches across the United States reported 20,000 closings in 2004 due to hazardous water conditions. This the highest number since the Natural Resources Defense Council started keeping track 15 years ago. The NRDC's Nancy Stoner says...

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Baby Bottles are Dangerous for Boys

For the first time, researchers have found a link betweenpregnant women's exposure to a common type of plastics andadverse effects on genital development in their malechildren. And babies still aren't safe after they're born:the bottles used to feed infants or the containers holdingleftovers in the refrigerator can cause them serious harm.One...

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Polluted Milk?AND Salad

Something calledMetabolicSyndrome has recently been discovered. This basically meansthat every infant should be EXCLUSIVELY breast fed for atleast 6 months, in order to avoid a future of obesity andType II diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, andtoo much bad cholesterol. But guess what's being found inwomen's breast milk?rocket fuel!...

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Thousands of Salmon Missing

Where are the Salmon? More than 200,000 salmon should haveshown up in the Columbia river to spawn by now, but only afew hundred have been seen. The absence of the wild Chinooksalmon is a disturbing environmental mystery. The best casescenario is that they're being kept away by low water andhigh sediment levels due to the drought in the...

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The Not-So-Subtle Dangers of Air Pollution

Newswise - Bad news about pollution: Rates of Alzheimer's today arethree times what they were in men 20 years ago and haverisen 90% in women, and some scientists think this is due toan increase in pesticide use, industrial waste and carexhaust. Air pollution from car exhaust has been found tothicken the blood, causing heart...

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Returning the Trash

Litter is becoming an international problem. A Brazilianphotographer looks for trash that has washed up on the beachnear his home. When he identifies what country it came from,he returns it to that country?s embassy in Brazil.

Fabio Barreto, who runs Global Garbage, has collected trashfrom 69 different countries on Bahia' Costa dos...

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Living Near Radio Towers & Gas Stations

Scientists have been worried that cell phonetowers?especially the new high-powered towers that supporthigh tech phones?emit radio waves that can lead to cancer.Now Korean scientists have found that people living inregions near AM radio broadcasting towers are 70% morelikely to get leukemia. And children who live near gasstations are more likely...

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Mystery Cloud

People living in the eastern part of the U.S. and Canada sawwho went outside at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, August 31, saw astrange, bright, silvery cloud of light that suddenlyappeared. It lasted for about half an hour, then graduallyfaded. It may have accounted for UFO reports from that area,but it was actually a satellite launch vehicle dumping...

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Pollution Good?

One scientist says that the real amount of global warming isbeing masked by air pollution, and if pollution is reduced,the Earth will heat up more quickly. Another scientistclaims acid rain is good, because it slows down globalwarming.

Researcher Meinrat Andreae says tiny particles of sulphur orcarbon in the air help to cool the planet...

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What is the New Asbestos?

Asbestos was once considered so safe that it was used notonly in buildings but even in water pipes. Now we know iteventually leads to a deadly cancer and deaths of peopleexposed to it keep climbing every year. Is there somethingthat seems innocent in our current environment that willbecome the deadly asbestos of the future?
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Tiny Pollution Kills in Big Way

Despite "Clear Skies" and other government programs, there are still 100 million people in 21 U.S. states who breathe unhealthy levels of tiny particles from coal-burning power plants, cars and factories, according to the EPA.

Chris Baltimore writes that 243 counties in mostly Eastern states, as well as in California, don't comply with...

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Criminals Produced by Pollution

Exposure to lead in early childhood may be one of the reasons for the wave of violent crime in the 20th century. It also may explain why most criminals come from urban areas.

Joan Lowy writes that economist Rick Nevin discovered that the post World War II use of leaded gasoline, which peaked in the 1970s, meant that nearly 80% of...

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Less Pollution: More Smog

Officials in cities across the U.S. are trying to figure out how to get cleaner air. They've discovered that when auto exhaust levels go down on weekends, ozone?the main ingredient of smog?increases. They're worried that as air pollution from car exhaust decreases with the introduction of new, lower-emissions cars, smog levels will climb even...

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Trees Can Pollute

One problem with the Kyoto Treaty is that many countries plan to reduce global warming by planting more carbon-dioxide absorbing trees. However, when the weather is hot, trees spew out more pollution than they suck up.

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How Your Car Pollutes?You

You already know that automobile exhaust pollutes the outside environment. But did you know that the air INSIDE your car is also dangerously polluted? A study of highway patrol troopers shows that spending too much time inside your car can be bad for your heart.

Jennifer Warner writes that while air pollution levels inside cars are lower...

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Homeland Security Says: Coal is Back

Factories and power plants have started using coal again, despite the fact that it can emit particles that contribute to lung and heart diseases and also emits greenhouse gases. One reason is the upcoming oil shortage, but another is homeland security. Coal is mined right here in the U.S. and does not have to be imported from hostile Middle...

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Subway Dust May be Dangerous

Columbia University researchers have found that the New York City subway produces a large amount of steel dust, composed of iron, manganese and chromium, all of which is breathed in by subway riders in amounts 100 times greater than the levels in other nearby indoor and outdoor settings.

Geochemist Steven Chillrud says, "This study in no...

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Our Polluted Bodies

Scientists have long tested the air, earth and water for pollutants?now they're testing human bodies. They've discovered that no matter how healthy a life you try to live, you can't help the fact that your body is filled with pesticides, flame retardants and other toxic chemicals.

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Soot is the Culprit

NASA scientists can observe greenhouse gases from space, and they say soot, mostly from diesel engines, is causing as much as 25% of all global warming, by reducing the ability of snow and ice to reflect sunlight. "We suggest that soot contributes to near worldwide melting of ice that is usually attributed solely to global warming," say NASA's...

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Clean Up Pollution with Spinach

In neighborhoods near industrial areas, dangerous levels of lead have been found in residents' backyards. The amount of lead varies widely from yard to yard, and even within each yard, making some of them dangerous to play or grow vegetables in, since lead can cause learning disabilities. How to soak it up??Plant spinach (just don't eat any of...

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Cities are Harder on Your Heart

Instead of giving power plants in each state the same pollution guidelines, the government's new Clear Skies Initiative will let them "buy and sell" emissions. This means that older plants can put off installing expensive new equipment by purchasing emissions allowances from newer, less polluting plants. Older cities already have the most air...

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Pollution Leads to Worse Disease

If you develop a disease, the amount of pollution in the air you breathe may determine how sick you get. Men who live in polluted areas are more likely to develop lung cancer, and SARS patients affected by air pollution are more likely to die. This is important news in the wake of the new Clean Air regulations, which mean that some areas of the...

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Our Bodies Contain Dangerous Chemicals

A cocktail of dangerous chemicals has been found in the blood of every person tested in a study in the U.K., and everyone in the U.S. probably has them too. The 77 chemicals found include PCBs, which can affect gender, and a common fire retardant.

Shaoni Bhattacharya quotes toxicologist Matthew Wilkinson as saying, "Every single person...

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The Air You Breathe Can Give You a Stroke

It's been predicted that the world will experience a severe oil shortage, starting ten years from now. One way to handle this would be to develop alternate fuels. What's more likely to happen is that countries will burn coal instead, because there's plenty of that left. However, scientists say that high pollution levels, of the kind caused by...

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Sea Junk

Amanda Onion writes in that due to falling cargo and illegal dumping, a lot of junk ends up in the ocean. Beachcomber Curt Ebbesmeyer says a lot of loot has recently blown in due to strong southwesterly winds. He's looking forward to finding some of the thousands of rubber duckies that fell from a Chinese cargo ship 11 years ago....

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Pollution Protects Us from Global Warming

The smoke in the atmosphere is protecting the Earth from the effects of global warming. This means that as we send out less pollution in the future, we may find that global warming is two or even three times more than we predicted.

Top atmospheric scientists got together recently in Berlin for a meeting of the UN's Intergovernmental...

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