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Think Plagues Are Past History? Think Again... Now We Are Creating Our Own

West Africa is currently being assailed by the worst outbreak of Ebola virus ever recorded. As of 17th July, World Health Organisation (WHO) reports indicated that out of more than 1048 confirmed and suspected cases of Ebola in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, 632 people had fallen victim to the deadly disease, and its rapid spread across the...
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Scientists Reveal That The Plague Could Return

An international team of scientists has discovered that two of the world’s most devastating plagues – the plague of Justinian and the Black Death, each responsible for killing as many as half the people in Europe—were caused by distinct strains of the same pathogen, one that faded out on its own, the other leading to worldwide...
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The Black Death was a Form of Evolution

Studying the Medieval skeletons of people who went through the European plague (also called the Black Death), which killed 30% of Europeans, including nearly half of the people in London, between 1347 and 1351, may help us...
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The Plague Trail

The innocent-sounding children's song "Ring Around the Rosy," is actually a description of the symptoms of the plague, also known as the "Black Death," which peaked in Europe between 1348 and 1350, still exists in animal populations around the world, and has resurfaced in humans in Africa and Madagascar. It's been wiped out in...
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Plague Rats Are Back

Scientists in Germany say the black rat is back, in higher numbers than ever before.They say Rattus rattus is now widespread even in areas where it was thought to be extinct. The black rat, also known as the ship?s rat, spread bubonic plague through Europe in medieval times.

Researchers from the Zoological Institute at Cologne University...

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Understanding the Plague

With the world facing biowarfare after the recent Anthrax cases in Florida, scientists say they have mapped all the genes in the plague bacterium which could speed up research into vaccines and treatments. Along with smallpox and anthrax, the bubonic plague is one of the most feared potential biological weapons.

A 30 member team of...

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Plague Found in Prairie Dog Colony at Texas Campground

Pathogens from the same plague that wiped out 30 percent of the world's population in the 14th century have been found near Lake Meredith in Texas. One out of six flea samples taken from a nearby campground showed the plaguepathogen. The samples were screened at the Centers for Disease Control in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Suspicion was...

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