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Music Medicine

Music has been incorporated into medical practice since before the ancient Greeks. However, though practitioners have been convinced of music's health benefits for thousands of years, there had been little peer-reviewed research to back them up, but recent studies are changing all that.

A number of new studies to support music's...
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Why Placebos Work

Scientists don't understand why taking a sugar pill instead of the "real thing" will sometimes cure a disease, but they're beginning to figure it out. New evidence indicates that our immune system may have an...
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Does Homeopathic Medicine Work?

The Swiss take homeopathic medicine seriously: In late 2011, they produced an official report on this that is the most comprehensive evaluation of homeopathic medicine ever undertaken by a government. This is especially interesting since two of the five largest conventional drug companies are based in that country--despite this, they do not have a...
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ALL Medicines are Placebos

Placebos are the BEST kind of medicine: No side-effects. New research shows that this might actually be how ALL medicines work. Double-blind drug tests have shown that many...
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The Mysterious Placebo Effect

Researchers are so excited about the placebo effect that the NIH (National Institutes of Health) has started a special study of it. One of their discoveries is that, although it all takes place inside our brains, for some unknown reason it seems to be working BETTER than it used to. This is a subject that Anne Strieber discusses with Mark...

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Placebos Working Better Than Ever

But why? - Nobody can figure out why, but placebos are working better than ever. Are people more gullible than they used to be?

In, Steve Silberman reports on a major drug company that was losing money because it hadn't introduced a new drug in 3 years. They decided to come out with an antidepressant. It...

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Something You Use All the Time

...doesn't really work! - Placebos are a sham, but the kind that doctors and researchers use. They're usually mere sugar pills in disguise, which are used in a clinical treatment study. The effectiveness of the actual medication is compared with the placebo to determine if the medication works. For some people, the placebo...

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The OPPOSITE of Placebos

When is a placebo not a placebo? When it's a nocebo.

Can we THINK ourselves to death? In New Scientist, Helen Pilcher tells the story of a US man who was told by a local witch doctor that he was going to die. He promptly took to his bed and began to do so. When he was admitted to the hospital, his wife told one of his doctors, Drayton...

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Why Medicine Does?or DOES NOT?Work

A surprising reason! - Most of us realize that a high-priced item creates the impression that it's better than the same thing bought at a lower price, despite the fact that advertising tries to create the opposite impression. It turns out placebos work the same way.

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Placebos Make You Better

Even if you take a placebo, instead of real medicine, you will improve your health and live longer. How can that be?

Robert Roy Britt reports in that a new study of almost 50,000 people has shown that it's not just positive thinking that makes a dummy pill (placebo) work. It's the fact that when you take ANY medicine, you...

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