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Those Winter Olympics

UPDATE: Will the high altitude mean fewer gold medals? - They've almost over and the participants are probably exhausted. What does it take to be an Olympic athlete, besides skill? There's a mind set involved that most of us just don't have (as well as some GENES that most of us don't have). And the altitude plays a big part...

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The Chinese are Changing Their Weather

...We already know they're changing OURS! We've written about how smog in China depends on which way the wind blows. In the August 11 edition of the Independent, Clifford Coonan reports that China?s incredibly expensive plan to manipulate the weather for the Olympics seems to be working, despite the many scientists who say it's impossible.

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Olympics: Are the Swim Trials Fair?

An advantage nobody ELSE tells you about! - When the mainstream media talks about the winners of the Olympic swim trials, they don't mention that some of the contestants have an extra advantage. The big controversy at this year?s Olympics is the high tech suits being worn by some swimmers. This echoes the concern about the...

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How is the Smog Affecting Olympic Athletes?

We've long known that air pollution is a major problem in China, but now that all eyes are on Beijing, due to the Olympics, the problem is becoming embarrassingly obvious.

Chinese officials have compelled reductions in industrial activity by as much as 30% and cuts in automobile use by half to safeguard the health of competing athletes...

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Olympics: Will the Winners be the Ones With the Bodysuits?

For Olympic hopefuls and champions, their swim times boil down to years of dedication, hard work and sacrifice. For exercise physiologists and swimming experts, it's a matter of statistics. But for the upcoming Olympics, the statistics are skewed because of the new high technology swim suits?which give athletes a boost.

The new bodysuits...

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