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Sugar or Sweeteners? The Hidden Enemies In Our Foods

After years of being told that fat consumption is a dietary no-no, the latest research indicates that sugar, not fat, is the real demon in our diets.
Fat was labelled the bad guy years ago in what was essentially a political decision which pandered to the immense weight of the sugar industry.
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Where the Fattest Americans Are

What region in the US is the fattest? We used to assume it was the South, but Southern researchers dispute that--they say it's the Midwest.
Statistician George Howard says, "The obesity epidemic is overwhelming the US, and there's this strong perception that Mississippi and Alabama are number one and number two in obesity--fighting for...
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The Religious Way to Diet

The ancient Greeks warned that excessive consumption of food would disrupt the four humors in the human body. The ancient Buddhist and Confucian traditions, as well as Christianity and Islam, encourage moderation and disparage gluttony, as well. The Jewish Talmud teaches that people should eat enough to fill a third of their stomachs, drink...
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Fat? Take a Breathalyzer Test

How much a person eats may be only one of many factors that determines weight gain. A recent study suggests that a breath test profile of microorganisms inhabiting the gut may be able to tell doctors how susceptible a person is to developing obesity.

How you tell if YOU'RE one of those unlucky people? Take a breathalyzer test!...
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Gum Doesn't Help You Lose--It Makes You HUNGRY

Chewing gum may keep your jaws (and mind) busy, but it's no substitute for food--in fact, in makes you HUNGRIER. Even worse, it creates a craving for chips, cookies and candy, rather than fruits and vegetables.

Gum may evoke thoughts of food and get digestive juices...
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Food Billboards Make You Fat

Billboards advertising fast food may inspire people to eat more, and thus gain weight. Advertisers are careful not to place billboards advertising cigarettes or liquor too close to schools, but fat people are everywhere, so there's no way to regulate these ads.

A team of researchers walked around Los Angeles and New Orleans, noting...
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What Fat Dads Do

A father's fatness may influence his children's health and raise their risk for diseases like cancer. Biologist Adelheid Soubry says, "Understanding the risks of the current Western lifestyle on future generations is important."

In the past, researchers looking at health outcomes in newborns have studied pregnant mothers,...
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Eating Too Much? Try Sleeping More

A new study suggests that INCREASING the amount of sleep that you get could lead to DECREASING the amount of food you eat (and we've REDUCED the price of our famous...
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Fat and Happy

Are you fat and happy? (If you're NOT happy about being fat, you need Anne Strieber's famous diet book!) Scientists have discovered that the major genetic contributor to obesity is also associated with an 8% reduction in depression. In other words, it's...
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Horror Movies Help You Lose

Halloween tends to make us fat, since we stock up on lots of candy corn and other special treats to give to the kids who come to our door, and we always end up eating some of it ourselves. Another Halloween tradition is watching horror movies--and these can help compensate for the...
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Junkfood Countdown

A single junk food meal (which is composed mainly of saturated fat) is bad for the health of our arteries, while no damage occurs after eating a "Mediterranean" style meal, which is rich in good fats. In fact, this kind of meal may even have a POSITIVE effect on our arteries.

The results were established in 28 non-smoking...
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Don't Like Vegetables? Let Them Eat Cake!

Dessert is evolving from the traditional to the unexpected: Now it's often a good way to get your vegetables.

Today's pastry chefs are going beyond carrot cake, zucchini bread, and sweet potato pie when it comes to making desserts with vegetables.
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Exercise Alone Won't Do It

Heart disease, diabetes and obesity have reached record levels in the West, and most people assume this is because our lifestyles are so different from our early ancestors, who don't seem to have had any of these problems. Since...
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Mood Food

A new study has discovered that our mood for food can be changed by a restaurant’s choice of music and lighting, leading to increased satisfaction and REDUCED calorie intake (NOTE: The PRICE has now been reduced too!) Can't afford a restaurant?...
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Eat Dessert After Breakfast

A weight researcher claims that dieters have less hunger and cravings throughout the day and are better able to keep off lost weight if they eat dessert after breakfast.

Endocrinologist Daniela Jakubowicz says, "The goal of a weight loss diet should be not only weight reduction but also reduction of hunger and cravings, thus...
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Problems With Your Sex Life? Lose Weight

Fat people have more cancer and less sex, so losing weight will not only make you more attractive, weight loss acts as a kind of natural...
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Thin People Get Less Cancer

A recent study showed that postmenopausal women who were overweight or obese and lost at least 5% of their body weight had a measurable reduction in markers of inflammation--and inflammation leads to cancer.

Researcher Anne McTiernan says, "Both obesity and inflammation have been shown to be related to several types of cancer,...
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Common Chemical Makes Kids Fat

Obese children show greater exposure than nonobese children to a phthalate, a chemical used to soften plastics in some children’s toys and many household products. It's even found in some pacifiers!

Phthalates are found in plastic food packages, medical equipment and building materials such as vinyl flooring, and even in...
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When Bad Foods Turn Out to be Really Good

It's a big relief when this happens, and latest two "exonerated" foods are chocolate and pizza.

Chocolate has been part of the human diet for at least 4,000 years. It was...
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Eating Too Much Causes Memory Loss

Can't remember where you put your keys? (How about your Key!) Are you more forgetful than you used to be? It could be because you're EATING TOO MUCH.

New research suggests that consuming between 2,100 and 6,000 calories per day may double the risk of memory loss among...
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Why You've Got a Big Belly

If you're distressed about your big belly--which seems to be the place we gain weight the most as we get older--you can now be reassured. A fatty membrane in the belly called the omentum has until recently been considered somewhat like the appendix--it didn't seem to serve much purpose. But researchers have found that the omentum appears to play...
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Fatty Food Changes the Brain

If you're eating too many fatty foods, your brain will change (one thing that may happen is you'll start to FIGHT with your spouse!) A high-fat diet causes new brain cells to sprout in an area of the brain that seems to regulate eating. It works that way in...
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Why You're Picking Fights With Your Loved Ones

Think you're arguing over money? Nope, you're fighting because you ate too much fatty food for supper.

Today's busy families often rely on fast food and take-out to keep everyone fed and on schedule. Researchers suspect that those types of food, which are often high in saturated fat, impact the body's reaction to stress, leading to...
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Want to Lose Weight? Eat Chocolate!

New research reveals that the assumption that eating chocolate makes people fat is wrong--it turns out that adults who eat chocolate on a regular basis are actually thinner than those who don't.

How can this be? Modest, regular chocolate consumption might be calorie-neutral, meaning that the metabolic benefits of eating modest...
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Do GM Foods Make Us Fat?

A new study shows that genetically-modified food is contributing to the obesity epidemic. Researchers found that GM corn fed to mice led to an increase in overall body weight of almost 4%, while also increasing the weight of their livers by up to 11%.

No matter how you feel about genetically-modified food, it's interesting to...
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Odd Cures

You may be eating and drinking some odd things in the future. There is striking new evidence that green, or unroasted, coffee beans can produce a substantial decrease in body weight in a...
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Do You Have a Fat PERSONALITY?

A new study shows that people with personality traits of high neuroticism and low conscientiousness are likely to go through cycles of gaining and losing weight throughout their lives.

Impulsivity was the strongest predictor of who would be overweight, the researchers found. Study participants who scored in the top 10% percent on...
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Some Fat is GOOD Fat

Not all fat is the same: The GOOD kind of fat is what's called "brown fat," because it helps you LOSE weight. Fat people have less of it than thin people. Older people have less of it than younger people. Men have less of it than younger women.

It's actually is brown in color and it burns up calories as fast as you can...
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Like Sweets? It's Because You're Sweet

If you’re dealing with a crabby co-worker or exasperating friend this season, maybe you should offer them some cake or cookies, because a new study has discovered that eating sweets make you sweet.

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Fat Keeps You Warm

Why do some of us get fat, while others stay skinny? It turns out that there is "good" fat and "bad" fat, and some of us have inherited too much of the bad (brown) stuff, which is found throughout the interior spaces of humans and other warm-blooded creatures. It may hold the secret to diets and weight-loss programs...
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