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Make Sure Your Surgeon Plays Mozart

Physicians who listen to Mozart while performing a colonoscopy may increase their detection rates of precancerous polyps. This is pretty amazing and we have a question: would the detection rate get better--or worse--with rock or rap?

In this randomized controlled trial, two...
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Banana Mozart

This is the season for classical music! Listening to Mozart may (or may not) increase your intelligence, but one thing we know for...
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Mozart Effect NOT

Looking at a person's brain while they are listening to music can yield valuable insights into how the mind works. However, music theorist Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis claims the idea that listening to Mozart boosts brainpower is NOT TRUE.

Margulis says, "Studies about music move into the popular media and can get mistranslated,...
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Another Mozart Appears

12 year old Jay Greenberg is believed by his teachers at NewYork's famed Julliard School of Music to be the greatestmusical prodigy in 200 years, the equal of Mozart, who isbelieved to be the greatest musical prodigy of all time.

Composer Sam Zyman says that Jay, who prefers the nickname'Bluejay' because he identifies with the noisy...

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