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Searching for New Moons

You'd think that astronomers would be searching for new planets, but what they're REALLY interested in is MOONS. They suspect that if life really does exist elsewhere in the universe, the...
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Moons Aren't Needed, After All

Galaxies may be churning out planets at an astounding rate, but astronomers now know that they don't need to look for planets with moons in order to determine if a planet may harbor life--they've decided that...
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How Moons are Made (Bang! Pow!)

The Earth may once have had TWO moons--a smaller one and a larger one--which ended up crashing into each other, producing the single moon we have now. This would explain the mystery of why the near and far sides of the lunar surface are so different.

The near side of the Moon--the one we can see from Earth--is flat and cratered while...
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