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High Strangeness Mars Image

NASA has been quietly posting some extremely strange imagesfrom Mars. The ones of cirrus clouds in the Martian sky havebeen extensively commented on, but the image reproduced hereawaits comment.

Clearly, there is either a free flowing or frozen liquidclinging to the base of these large stones. From thephotograph it might be possible for...

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Unexpected Cleaning Keeps Rover Rovin'

Something (or somebody??) has been regularly cleaning theMars rover Opportunity's solar panels during the night,enabling the device to continue to work much better and longer.

NASA rover team leader Jim Erickson has said that theunexplained cleaning events have kept Opportunity's solarpanels operating close to their maxiumum daily...

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Mars Travel Problem: Jet Lag

Some relatively simple problems may stop us from evercolonizing Mars. One of them is jet lag. Another is litter.

Our bodies are used to a 24-hour cycle, and a day on Mars isan extra 39 minutes long, which could make it difficult forhumans to adapt. In, Peter Wood quotesresearcher Russell Foster as saying, "The human body is...

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It's Official: Life Likely on Mars

Methane has been discovered on Mars, meaning life must bethere as well.Linda Howe wasone of the first journalists to report this news, on ourJune 12 Dreamland show. Now it's official: the Mars Express,the European Space Agency probe which is orbiting theplanet, has sensed the presence of methane. The amount isvery small (about 10 parts in a...

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Mars Scoop: You Heard it Here First

You heard it on Dreamland first: On June 12, Linda Howeinterviewed Professor Vittorio Formisano, who works with theEuropean Space Agency's orbiting Mars Express craft, whosaid he was about to announce that there is life on Mars.Now he says he'll release this information in Paris in a fewdays. Ammonia has been discovered on Mars, and because...

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Should We Make Mars Another Earth?

Some scientists think they can make Mars into a livable planet again by tinkering with its atmosphere. "Terraforming has long been a fictional topic," says NASA's Michael Meyer. "Now, with real scientists exploring the reality, we can ask what are the real possibilities, as well as the potential ramifications, of transforming Mars." But they'll...

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Mars Rock Matches Meteorites

NASA's Opportunity rover found a rock on Mars that no scientist has ever seen before?except here on Earth. It's similar to meteorites that have come from Mars and impacted the Earth. Many scientists now think that life traveled from Mars to Earth in the form bacteria riding on meteorites, making us all Martians.

Scientists know that...

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Life on Mars--From Earth

Scientists speculate that bacteria may spread through the universe on asteroids and that life on Earth may have come from Mars. Now they've discovered the opposite: that life on Mars may have come from Earth during the last 30 years.

In New Scientist, David L. Chandler quotes NASA's Andrew Schuerger as saying, "I believe there...
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NASA Says Mars Could Have Supported Life

NASA's press conference at 2 pm EST today announcedthat liquid water had existed for an "appreciable time" on Mars, and that the planetary environment had once been capable of supporting life. So far, NASA has not found any fossils, but the presence of the Opportunity rover in what is now known to have been a lake or sea bed means that, if such...

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Mars Rock on Earth

While the Rover is investigating rocks on Mars, scientists have discovered that a rock found in Morocco in 2001 came from Mars. The Rover is searching for water on Mars and this rock gives astronomers evidence that water once flowed there, since it's a magmatic rock, formed when water moved from the core of the planet to the surface.


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Human Plans for Mars

After robots get through exploring Mars, humans will be next. How will we get enough air and water and produce the power we need? Some researchers have suggested using weapons-grade plutonium for the job, but NASA's Humboldt Mandell says, "?To think about taking the most deadly element that's known to humanity, like plutonium, and mucking up...

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Water on Mars!

Data acquired on Mars from the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit's mini-thermal emission spectrometer shows the light, or spectral, signature of an as-of-yet unidentified mineral that contains bound water in its crystal structure. Minerals such as gypsum and zeolites are possible candidates. If water is now bound inside crystals underground, it...

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The Spirit Arrives

At 11:53 PM EST Saturday night NASA's Spirit Mars Lander returned tones indicating that it had landed and was upright and functioning, after a multi-million mile journey from Earth to Mars. Two out of three Mars missions have failed, most recently the British Beagle 2 mission, which has not yet reported back after its landing.

With Mars...

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Dirt from Mars

Scientists are trying to figure out if life came from space. This theory would be strengthened if we found evidence that there is?or ever was?life on Mars. When we sent a Viking lander there to do tests, the results were inconclusive. Now we've found soil in one of the oldest and driest deserts in the world?the Atacama Desert in Chile?that's a...

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Different Kind of Life on Mars?

The planet Mars may have had life forms vastly different from Earth's, that emerged from deep beneath the Martian surface billions of years ago, and are based on DNA, genes and proteins that are unlike anything found on Earth.

NASA's Christopher McKay says if there was life on early Mars (even if there isn?t any there now), it means...

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Mars: Water or Ice?

Mars has come closer to Earth than it's been at any time since 57,617 BC, when both early Homo sapiens and Neanderthals could look up at the sky and see it. Soon we'll know the answer to the hottest Martian debate: Is there (or was there) water?and therefore life?on Mars?

Robert Roy Britt writes in that spacecraft sent to take...

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India: Mars is Making a Hostile Move

On August 27, Mars will be closer to Earth than it has been since prehistoric times. To scientists, this is a chance to send satellites into space to take pictures of the planet. To Hindu priests in India, it means doomsday, because Mars, or "Mangal," the planet of war in Hindu scriptures, is associated with fire. "Mars will bring terrible...

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Strange Images on Mars

Strange images have been captured by satellites circling Mars. No "face" or "pyramid" photos have been released, but we can see rows of what look like fortune cookies, a bunch of "wormholes", and what looks like a set of circular stairs.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed....

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Yes, There is Life on Mars

As the European spacecraft the Beagle (named after Darwin's ship) heads for Mars, scientists are looking at the results of an earlier search for life on Mars, by the NASA Viking landings in 1976. Former mission scientist Gil Levin says he has evidence proving that we really did find signs of life on Mars during that mission.


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How We Look from Mars

Was there ever a civilization on Mars that looked up through a telescope at the Earth? A new picture from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor, which has been orbiting Mars since 1997, shows what they would have seen.

The image shows Earth in a "half-Earth" phase. The bright area at the top of the image of Earth is cloud cover over central and...

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Did Life on Earth Come from Mars?

There's still controversy over whether the 3.9 billion-year-old Martian meteorite ALH84001, found in Antarctica on December 1984, contains fossilized Martian bacteria. If it does, it's possible that life came to Earth from Mars and that we are all, in effect, Martians. Some scientists think the fossils formed underwater, in shallow Martian seas...

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Mars Radiation Means No Human Exploration

Solar radiation on Mars is so intense that it could endanger astronauts, according to NASA. This radiation also means that, despite the presence of water, it's unlikely any life could survive there. The high radiation levels were measured by the Mars Odyssey spacecraft. Cary Zeitlin of the National Space Biomedical Research Institute, says, "[...

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More Debate on Mars Life

The ongoing debate about whether there could be life on Mars has gotten some positive input. When scientists first discovered there's ice on the surface, they were elated, because water means life. There could be frozen bacteria under the ice that's still alive or, even if it's dead, could give clues to past life on the planet. Then they...

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Who Created Face on Mars?

We asked that question in our latest poll and received the following answers: Most of you (39%) think it was created long ago by Martians, closely followed by those (35%) who think it's a natural formation. 13% think it was created by a lost, space traveling civilization and 12% think it was created by aliens from outside our solar system....

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Moon & Mars Face: Unanswered Questions

Is there evidence of life on the moon or on Mars? While NASA downplays these provocative questions, new evidence keeps coming up?so they never quite go away. Astronomer James O'Meara looked at the moon through his telescope and saw what he calls the Cave, which seems to have a spiral pattern with a central cavity that reminds him of the homes...

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What Do You Think About the Face on Mars?

In this week's poll, we ask you if you think the face on Mars was created eons ago by Martians or by a lost, space-traveling human civilization. Was it created by aliens from outside our solar system?or do you think it?s a natural formation? Check out our news story on the Mars face. And whatever you think, be sure to vote.


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No Water (or Life) on Mars?

After the exciting news that there may be water on Mars, Australian geologist Nick Hoffman says that the gullies near the south pole that form as the ice cap retreats in the spring are made by gaseous carbon dioxide, not water, meaning there may be no life on Mars. He thinks there's no liquid?frozen or otherwise?on Mars at all. This means there...

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Ancient Frozen Bacteria Thawed

Scientists are investigating Lake Vida, a 3-mile-long saltwater lake in Antarctica topped with ice that's been frozen for 2,800 years. They're especially interested in the microbes in the lake, which are in liquid water under 62 feet of ice, and could be a type of bacteria completely unknown in our modern world. The water where they live has...

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Mars Coming Closest in Human History

Mars is coming closer to the Earth, and will be easier to see, than it has been since Neanderthal times. It will slowly appear to grow larger and brighter until at 5:51 am EST on August 27, 2003, Mars will be within 34,646,488 miles of Earth, the closest it's come to our planet in 73,000 years. Whenever Mars is close to the Earth, the number of...

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Tough Microbes from Mars

Russian scientists think a tough microbe that can withstand huge doses of radiation must have come from Mars, since it wouldn't have had time to develop this ability here on Earth. On Mars, however, the bugs could have received the necessary dose in just a few hundred thousand years, because radiation levels there are much higher. The bugs...

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