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We May All be Martians

It's been discovered that DNA can travel on a meteorite, meaning that life on Earth could have been seeded from another planet--maybe even Mars. If that's the case, we don't need to look for life on Mars...
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Moon of Mars May be a UFO

Mars has two moons-- Phobos and Deimos--and astrophysicist Iosif Samuilovich Shklovsky thinks the orbital motion of Phobos reveals that the moon is artificial and hollow--in other words, a UFO. Why can't we go there ourselves and check...
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Moon May Save Us AGAIN

This time when we try to go to Mars - When it comes to traveling to Mars, the moon may save us-- again.

Solar radiation may make it impossible to establish a colony on Mars. But a team of UK scientists has discovered that a tiny magnet, no wider than your thumb, can deflect the charged particles in the solar wind, and...

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How to Get to Mars?

Practice, practice, practice - NASA's Spirit Mars Rover has discovered strange blue rocks on the surface of Mars which contain high concentrations of carbonate--evidence that the planet once had a wet, non-acidic environment that may have been favorable for life. Meanwhile, an international crew has locked themselves away in a...

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Something ELSE Odd on Mars

There are lots of strange things on Mars. For instance, NASA's Opportunity rover has spotted strange coatings on rocks beside a young Martian crater. Is this some kind of conspiracy or just more high strangeness? The crater is about 30 feet in diameter, and has dark rays coming out of it. Astronomers have observed lots of peppercorn-sized, iron...

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'Trees' on Mars?

Some unexplained images have been photographed on Mars. The latest is what appear to be "trees." The images show what look like rows of dark trees sprouting from hills on the surface of the planet, but according to NASA, it's an optical illusion: The sand dunes are coated with a thin layer of dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide), and are caused by...

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Earth Life Came from Mars

Are crop circles coded messages from aliens? - Bulgaria says they are in touch with aliens who, in response to a set of 30 questions their scientists sent to them, have replied with a complex set of symbols that their experts are hard at work trying to decipher. And what are these "complex symbols?" Crop circles! (NOTE:...

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They LOOK for Life

Do they destroy it too? - Robot landers that were sent to Mars to search for life may actually have destroyed it.

In New Scientist, David Shiga reports that NASA's Phoenix lander found chemicals called perchlorates in the Martian soil. When heated, these release oxygen and thus cause nearby material to burn (which is why...

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How to Look for Life on Mars

?and maybe live there ourselves someday - On Mars, NASA has found both methane gas and rocks that contain carbonates. Why is this important? The rocks show that the water on Mars is not too acidic to support life?otherwise, carbonates couldn't form. And the methane could be a byproduct of plant decay, meaning that life is...

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Ice on Mars is WATER

NASA's Phoenix Lander spacecraft has collected a soil sample and had studied it in a chemistry lab on board the lander. NASA says they have discovered water in the soil.

This answers a major question about Mars: is the ice that is on the planet made of carbon dioxide or water? BBC News quotes NASA?s William Boynton as saying that this is...

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It Wasn't Always a Desert

We now know that water is on the moon, but it was once on Mars?so there could once have been life there, even if it isn?t there today. New NASA data reveals that there was once plenty of water on Mars, in huge lakes and flowing rivers, and they think these conditions lasted for many years.

BBC News quotes Jack Mustard as saying, "This is...

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Potting Soil on Mars

We don't yet know if there's life on Mars, but now that we've found water, we know that there could soon be life there?HUMAN life. But we need more than water, we need food. Well, surprise! Martian dirt is similar to "potting soil" on earth?you could grow vegetables in it. In fact, BBC News reports that it would be excellent for growing...

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Ice Definitely on Mars

The Phoenix lander has found ice on Mars. Astronomers identify it as ice because some of it that was unearthed in a trench dug by the lander disappeared 4 days later, meaning it melted or vaporized. NASA thinks that water is "locked up" in a layer of permafrost just under the surface of Mars.

BBC News quotes NASA's Peter Smith as saying...

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Ice on Mars

...and this means WATER! - As we've written about before, the big problem with colonizing Mars is finding water on the red planet. Now NASA's new Martian landing craft the Phoenix has touched down on a large patch of ice!

BBC News reports that the lander's descent actually blew away a layer of dirt, exposing the ice....

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Strangeness on Mars

Listen to this week's Dreamland for new insights - An unusual image was taken by the Mars Rover Spirit last November. The fact that it appears to be a figure of some sort is being dismissed by planetologists as an example ofpareidolia, the human tendency to unconsciously constructapparent human images out of random forms that...

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Is There Life on Mars? (Cont.)

The controversy about life on Mars continues, but finding water would provide strong evidence that bacterial life exists there. Now a glacier that is thousands of years old has been spotted on the planet. Mars and Earth have a "close encounter" about every 26 months, and this always coincides with a wave of UFO sightings! Mars was close to...

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Continuing Controversy: Life on Mars

NASA's "Spirit" rover may have discovered life on Mars.

Because it has a broken wheel, the rover disturbed a patch of ground on Mars which shows evidence of a climate there in the past that would have been perfect for microbes. But are they still there? On earth, areas that look like this were created when hot, steamy water came into...

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A little over a year ago, NASA said there was no life on Mars. Now it turns out that we may have discovered life on Mars over 30 years ago, from soil samples taken during the Viking landings. We just didn't analyze them correctly.

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We May be About to Find Life on Mars

A class of especially hardy microbes that live in some of the harshest environments on earth could flourish on cold Mars, according to a research team of astronomers and microbiologists. NASA's Mars rover Opportunity may discover some of them in the Victoria crater, which it is about to explore.

Opportunity is about to reach the rim of a...

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Water Flowing on Mars NOW

NASA has found what it calls "compelling" evidence that water is flowing on the surface of Mars RIGHT NOW, and has documented what it believes to have been water flows withinthe past seven years. Keep reading to see more fascinating images.

There are many images taken on the surface of Mars over the past few years that seem to provide...

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NASA May Not Want to Look for Life on Mars

Buzz Aldrin saw a UFO on his way to the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. Does that mean there?s life on Mars? There are two rovers on Mars right now, but neither one has been designed to look for signs of life. But some groups don't WANT future Mars missions to search for life, because they think that any bacteria that is found there and...

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Mars Water

We not only have to find a way to get water on the moon, so we can set up Helium 3 mining operations there, we also need to find water on Mars, if we're ever going to be able to colonize that planet. If we do find water on Mars, that makes it more likely that we will find life on other planets in the. If we don't, then it may mean we are...

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Mission to Venus Will Help Defeat Global Warming

We want to go to Mars to look for life and to perhaps establish a colony there, but why would anyone want to travel to hot, gaseous Venus? Astronomers think that Venus was once just like the Earth?before it experienced its own global warming. Like Mars, Venus is our near neighbor?it's only one planet closer to the sun than we are. If we can...

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Will We Soon Discover Alien Life?

British Astronomer Royal Martin Rees thinks there's life in space and that we're going to find it soon. He thinks we're going to find a simple form of life on Mars or on Jupiter's moon Europa.

Rees reminds us that there are millions of suns and solar systems out there, and some of the planets orbiting there could definitely harbor...

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Trash?It's Also a Problem on Mars

Newswise - On the long space trip from Earth to Mars "the crew won't be able to get by with a bag lunch and Portapotty," says biologist Arthur Teixeira. If we build a base on the moon, we?ve going to have a trash problem there too. Teixeira thinks the solution in space will be the same as it is here on Earth: recycling and...

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NASA Says Likely No Life on Mars

One of the most convincing indications of life on Mars isthe presence of methane gas. But a new NASA report says thatMars has an abundance of the mineral olivine, whichdissolves easily in water, releasing methane gas, meaningit's unlikely that life now exists on theplanet, and may never have existed.

Maggie McKee reports in New Scientist...

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Did Life on Earth Come from Mars?

We recentlyreported that when Mars rovers examined fiveancient Martian craters that form a ring-like "equator"around the middle of the planet, NASA decided these musthave been formed when a giant asteroid broke apart and itsfragments all slammed into the planet. If this theory iscorrect, this "ring" could be the place where we should lookfor...

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Mars Life May Have Come From Asteroid

There's a controversial theory making its way around thescientific community that says that life on Earth was seededby an asteroid from Mars, meaning we are all, essentially,Martians. But now astronomers think that an asteroid fromsomewhere else may have seeded life on Mars as well, meaningthat our ancestors could have come from far away in...

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Why Does NASA Deny There is Life on Mars?

It started with the original Viking Lander missions in theseventies: one of the life detection projects providedalmost unequivocal evidence that life was present in thesoil of Mars.

Instead of even entertaining the notion that the tests mighthave indicated life, NASA literally jumped through hoops todeny their validity.


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ESA Says Life Likely on Mars--NASA Says No

Ever since the U.S. and Europe first sent probes to Mars,the big question has been: is there life there? Manyscientists think that life on Earth was "seeded" by bacteriaarriving from Mars on asteroids. Yesterday, NASA scientistswere said to be claiming that theyhave found strong evidence of life on Mars, hidden out ofsight, and the European...

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