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The Surface of Mars was Habitable for at Least a Billion Years

 Two new studies have been released that illustrate that the dry Martian lakebed that is currently being explored by NASA's Curiosity rover was home to a habitable environment for over 700 million years, and possibly for well over a billion years.
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Facing an 8 Month Journey to Mars? Just Sleep the Trip Away!

Part of the problem of long-distance manned space voyages is that of the amount of consumables that would need to accompany the astronauts on their journey would add a significant amount of mass to the ship spacecraft, requiring more fuel for the trip to haul the extra food, water, etc., with that fuel adding yet even more weight to the craft --...
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A Laser-Powered Sail Could Cut a Trip to Mars down to Three Days

One of the major roadblocks our culture has in regards to space travel is that in order to travel at speeds that could make a trip to a distant planet or star in a reasonable time frame is the application of energy: currently, we're stuck burning chemical fuel to propel our vehicles, of which means also lugging that fuel along with the vehicle,...
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NASA: "We're Going to Colonize Mars"

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has announced their plans for colonizing Mars, of which includes plans for permanent 'Earth Independent' settlements that would be capable of operating for extended missions with little or no material support needed from Earth.

Their report, entitled 'Journey to Mars', outlines NASA's...
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Nepalese-American Death Metal Guitarist Finds Water on Mars

Flowing liquid water has been found on mars, confirming long-standing speculation regarding some anomalous features imaged by orbiting space probes -- and further increases the chances of finding living organisms on the Red Planet.

In an announcement made by NASA on Sept. 28, they revealed the findings of a study into images of dark...
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Most Mysterious Thing So Far Found on Mars

The Mars Curiosity rover has taken a picture of a rock formation that looks for all the world like a spoon that is floating above the ground.

NASA has identified the spoon-like object as a ventifact, which is a rock that has been shaped by the wind, slowly sandblasted over time into its present shape, and held in place on its...
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Viking was Right All Along: There is Life on Mars

A lucky accident aboard the Curiosity Rover has confirmed that there is life on Mars. A life-detection experiment conducted by the Viking lander in 1976 generated a pattern of responses that fulfilled criteria for the presence of life on the planet, but the results were dismissed by JPL experts. Over the years that followed, this conclusion...
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The Red Planet May Once Have Been a Blue-Green Orb Like Earth

This is not a morality tale about planetary preservation – and what happens if you don’t take good care of your literal ground of being. But after years of assuming that Mars is and always had been inhospitable to life, scientists at NASA are now convinced that an ocean once covered 20% of the surface of Mars. In some places, the ocean...
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Spacecraft orbiting planet Mars

If It’s Not Logical – Can It Still Be Real?

What happens when something observed at great distance defies all current expectations and explanations? What happens is an array of strong reactions, including this one from Planetary scientist Todd Clancy of the Space Science Institute – "I don't think it's real. … Basic physics says this can't occur."

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Have NASA scientists finally found evidence of life on Mars?

Mars has been hitting the headlines lately as scientists reveal more and more about the Red Planet's past. But could this latest piece of evidence really be it? Have scientists really found solid proof of life on Mars?

Strange methane emissions have been detected by NASA researchers in data collected by one of the rover Curiosity's...
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Weekender: Mars Life is Probable Say Scientists

In 1976, the Viking program's orbiter and lander reached Mars, and the lander's life experiments returned data that the scientists who had designed them had expected to see if living organisms were present in the soil. However, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, fearing that a positive finding about life on the red planet would cause their Mars...
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The History Of The "Red Planet" May Help Us To Understand Climate Change on Earth

The question of whether life ever existed on Mars has inspired scientists - and songwriters - for decades. The Red Planet is currently an arid, icy desert where no sign of life remains, but was it always this way?

It is widely recognised that living entities have three basic requirements: standing water, an energy source and the five...
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Is NASA Ignoring Life on Mars?

NASA scientists have allegedly been working tirelessly for years in order to establish the possibility of finding any form of life on the planet Mars.

To date, they assert that no definitive evidence has been found, despite recent reports which suggest that the planet hosts a...
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Weekender: The Road to Mars

The concept has provided ample inspiration for scientists, science-fiction writers, poets and musicians, but the possibility of "Life on Mars" may soon become a reality because the first manned mission from Earth to the Red Planet is allegedly just a few short years away. Mars One is a Dutch non-profit foundation assembled with the sole...
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NASA Images Suggest Flowing Water on Mars

The quest to confirm the existence of liquids on Mars has been ongoing for decades; it was known to host water billions of years ago and water is has been found to exist there in the form of ice, but the latest images from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) indicate that water may not only be present, but running down the Martian hills....
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Water Found on Mars, So Is the Planet Alive? Our Unique Take

The Red Planet is in the news again this week: it appears that the planet which is in line for a bashing next year from Comet Siding Spring could once have supported life, as there is ice in the Martian soil. Does it support life now? There's no evidence of natural life there, and the lack of free methane in the atmosphere suggests that not even...
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Curiosity Rover Closes in on Area that May Reveal Past Mars Life

When NASA's Curiosity Rover first dug into the Martian desert, it found clays that could only have been formed by fresh water. This meant that, around three billion years ago, Mars was a watery planet. But did it support life? On the first anniversary of its landing, halfway through its primary mission, Curiosity is headed to the foothills of...
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Closer Than Ever to Mars Travel

We're closer to going there than ever (and who knows what we'll discover when we get there? Subscribers can still listen to this show).

Astronauts could be a step closer to visiting Mars if they travel...
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Comet May Hit Mars in 2014

It may kick up enough red dust to set back planned missions to Mars by several years.

On the website, Mike Wall reports that a newfound comet will give Mars a close shave next year, and there's a...
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Mission to Mars

US millionaire Dennis Tito, who became the first private space tourist when he paid Russia $20 million for a trip to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2001, wants to send a married couple on a round trip to Mars when planetary alignment is favorable for this 2018.

The trip will take advantage of the alignment of heavenly...
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Was There Ever Life on Mars?

An analysis of a rock sample collected by NASA's Curiosity rover shows ancient Mars could have supported living microbes.

Scientists identified sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and carbon--some of the key chemical ingredients for life--in the powder Curiosity drilled out of a rock near an ancient stream bed there....
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Mining Mars

NASA's Curiosity rover has bored into a Martian rock and pulled out its first sample of the planet's insides to analyze. This could be the first step to mining Mars.

In New Scientist, Lisa Grossman quotes NASA's Louise Jandura as saying, "This is the only time anybody's drilled into Mars. Getting deeper into the rock allows us...
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Comet Aiming for Mars

Will life on Mars go the way of the dinosaurs before we have a chance to discover it? Incoming Comet C213/A1, discovered on January 1st, is expected by some astronomers to pass within 28,000 miles of Marsin 2014. But cometary trajectories change, and an impact is not impossible, although NASA estimates that the object will pass Mars at a distance...
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Clues to Mars Life May Lie Underground

Minerals found in the subsurface of Mars, a zone of more than three miles below ground, make for the strongest evidence yet that the red planet may have supported life (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show...
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What NASA Found on Mars

We told you it was coming and here it is: NASA's Mars Curiosity rover has used its full array of instruments to analyze Martian soil for the first time, and found a complex chemistry there, including water, sulfur and chlorine-containing substances, some of...
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NASA has a Major Mars Announcement Coming

NASA has announced that one of the instruments on the Curiosity Rover has sent back some extraordinary data, but the transmission is still being checked to make certain that it is not a fluke, and so far the space agency has not made an official statement about what the instrument has detected.

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What Rocks Reveal (If They Come From Mars, Anyway)

The space rock called the Tissint meteorite, that landed in the Moroccan desert last year, (with a fireball and double sonic boom), was knocked off Mars (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) in a cosmic...
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Strange Artifacts on Mars

Strange black objects (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) have been seen from 200 miles above...
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Deserts Were Once Wet--On Mars as Well as Earth

The deserts of Utah and Nevada have not always been dry: Between 14,000 and 20,000 years ago, valleys throughout the desert southwest filled with water to become large lakes, which--at their maximum--covered about a quarter of both those states. And a dry stream bed has been found on Mars--was this "red desert" planet ALSO once covered...
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What is Dark Matter? Are There Blueberries on Mars?

The theory is that dark matter is made up of particles that can't interact with the electromagnetic force, and thus can't be revealed with light. But they do interact gravitationally--in fact, it's the gravitational pull of dark matter that stops galaxies from flying apart as they rotate. Astronomers think there is five times as much dark matter...
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