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Your Intelligence Depends on Who's Listening

Social factors can have a powerful effect on our intelligence. Most of us feel intelligent and amusing when talking to a particular person and feel dumb and inarticulate when talking to someone else.

In the October 7th edition of the New York Times, Annie Murphy Paul quotes psychologist Joshua Aronson as saying that we shouldn't...
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Humans Aren't the Only Ones Who Listen to Gossip

Ground-nesting birds have a hard time raising their young, with many eggs and chicks falling prey to predators like chipmunks. One way they overcome these problems is by eavesdropping on the chips, chucks and trills that their enemies the chipmunks use to communicate with each other, and then using this information to find safer spots to build...
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Can you HEAR what a person looks like? A growing body of research suggests we can. And by the way, fish talk too. If you didn't realize that, you haven't been listening.

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