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911 Commission Report is a 571 Page Lie

On NPR radio recently, distinguished commentator DanielShore said that the biggest under reported news story of theyear is the leak that Bush and Blair both knew that SaddamHussein DID NOT haveweapons of massdestruction BEFORE the Iraq war. In our latestInsight,author David Ray Griffin confirms this and says, "Indiscussing my second 9/11 book?I...

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Secret British Memo Raises Disturbing Questions About Iraq War

A highly classified memo leaked during the recent Britishelectoral campaign raises extremely serious questions aboutwhether or not the US government ever believed that therewere weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

The memo, by British foreign policy aide Matthew Rycroft,discusses a July 23, 2002 meeting between Prime Minister TonyBlair...

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Marines Demand one Arabic Speaker per Unit reports that the U.S. Marine Corps hasstipulated that at least one Arabic speaker be included inevery unit in Iraq. There's great concern in the militarythat relying on hand signals and a few spoken words of eachothers' languages puts our soldiers in jeopardy, and there'sno guarantee that the Iraqi interpreters currently...

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Anne's Diary: Idealism or Ideology?

In her new diary,Anne Strieber writes: "We expect all politicians and leadersto have ideals and surprisingly, despite the various dirtytricks some of them gotten up to, most of them do. I defineideals as moral goals?to get better education for kids, morehousing for the poor, more jobs for the middle class, etc.But when do ideals become ideology...

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Fighting Food

Soldiers have it even tougher than we think?they may have tocook dinner in their own urine. The same researchers whothought this up also created an "indestructible sandwich"for troops that stays fresh for three years.

Duncan Graham-Rowe writes in New Scientist that U.S. foodscientists working for the military have developed driedfood...

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Why it's Always Been All About Oil

In her new Diary, Anne Strieber writes: "There IS a link between 911 and Iraq, and that link is oil. To al-Qaeda, showing a naked man being taunted by a female soldier is inhumane, but beheading a civilian U.S. worker is not. We may never be able to see the world through the eyes of Middle Eastern fundamentalists?and we may not want to. But if...

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Prison Pix?Can We Blame Stress?

The incidents at Abu Ghraib in Iraq have been blamed on lack of supervision and training, but can they also be blamed on the stress of war? And were these soldiers really thinking up these abuses all by themselves? Psychologists don't think so.

In, Daniel K. Hoh quotes Rona M. Fields as saying that in war, "the enemy is not...

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Should We Re-Institute the Draft?

It's become clear that we're spread too thin in Afghanistan and Iraq because we don't have enough soldiers. Should we re-institute the draft? Be sure to vote on this volatile issue! Last time we asked you if you thought sudden climate change would come soon. Keep reading for the results of that poll.

Almost 40% of you think that sudden...

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Have We Lost our Soul in Iraq?

In a provocative editorial in the May 10 issue of the Wall Street Journal, Gerald F. Seib says that after the release of the photographs of U.S. troops torturing Iraqi prisoners, "?The U.S. has come face-to-face with the possibility that it isn't changing the Middle East, but rather being changed by the Middle East?and not for the better?Had...

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The Problem? There are 3 Iraqs

In Anne's new diary, she writes: "I imagine most of us are in the same boat: whether or not we think we should have invaded Iraq in the first place, we can't figure out how we'll be able to leave. So when I read the headline 'How to Get Out of Iraq,' I grabbed the latest copy of The New York Review of Books. In it, Peter Galbraith says the...

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Disaster in the Middle East

In his provocative new journal, Whitley writes: "In January of 2003, I published a journal entry on this website in support of going to war against Saddam Hussein. The reason I offered then is even more valid now than it was then. It is that the west needs at least one substantial, proven and stable source of oil outside of its own borders. The...

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Iraq Getting More Like Israel

Lately the Iraq war is being compared to the Vietnam war, because many people aren't quite sure why we're there and our soldiers are vulnerable to attack by civilians. But others say it's becoming more like the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. The U.S. has already adopted many of Israel's military tactics, such as bulldozing...

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Alas, It's Not Over Yet

A report by the U.S. Institute for Peace, which has close ties with Congress, says the U.S. may attack Iran and Syria next, in what they call "Phase 3 on the War on Terror." They think this will be even harder than going into Afghanistan and Iraq, because both populations are more committed to their governments. Israeli intelligence insists...

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Parts of Iraq Resemble Fortified Israel

Western governments have long criticized Israel for isolating the West Bank and Gaza Strip and for walling itself off from the Palestinians, but parts of Iraq under U.S. control are starting to resemble these areas. Is it possible for the West and the Middle East to coexist without a wall?

The town of Awja, outside Tikrit, the place...

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Will the Draft Come Back?

Despite denials from the White House, talk has started up in some government circles about reinstating the draft, in order to have enough manpower to rebuild the governments of Afghanistan and Iraq. The long tours of duty the current soldiers are undergoing in Iraq are leading to exhaustion and even driving some of them to suicide.

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Intelligence Fights over WMD

U.S. intelligence agents think that Saddam Hussein either dismantled his chemical and biological weapons, for fear the U.S. would attack, or sent them abroad. But those who think he sent them out of the country disagree about where he sent them.

The World Tribune website says that the Defense Intelligence Agency thinks the weapons of...

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Fake Letters from Soldiers Sent to Hometown Papers

News is leaking out of Iraq that U.S. soldiers are worried about the hostile attacks on them, as well as the mysterious diseases that are affecting them there. Despite this, upbeat letters supposedly written by local soldiers have started appearing in hometown newspapers across the U.S.?and they're all exactly the same.

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Soldiers in Iraq Dying from Mysterious Blood Clots

We've written before about the mysterious deaths from pneumonia of U.S. soldiers in Iraq. Now it's been discovered that unexplained blood clots are another reason soldiers are dying there?and they're dying from the same thing here in the U.S. Soldiers, and their families, blame this on smallpox and anthrax vaccines.

In April, NBC News...

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CIA Versus White House

The CIA has requested that the Justice Department investigate a possible leak in the White House that revealed the name of an agent in a sensitive position, and may have compromised numerous CIA field officers and assets, possibly endangering some of them. Former acting ambassador to Iraq Joseph Wilson was sent to Niger in 2002 to investigate...

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Soldiers Dying in Iraq--And Not Just From War

Most of us cringe every time we turn on the news, fearing that we'll hear about the death of another soldier in Iraq. But they aren't just dying from stealth attacks and car bombs, they're contracting mysterious illnesses as well. Suicide is another cause of death--while only a few of these have been reported in the media, we have a personal...
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Why Are Our Soldiers Getting Sick in Iraq?

Joyce Riley VonKleist, of the American Gulf War Veterans Association, writes that nearly half of the 697,000 Gulf War I Veterans are ill and have received no adequate diagnosis or treatment. Whenever veterans become ill, the term "mystery illness" seems to be the only diagnosis that's made, and veterans are then left to fend for themselves. Now...

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WMDs Used on Iraq Soldiers?

Marsha Paxson writes in the Lake Sun (MO) Leader that 19 soldiers in Iraq have gotten the same strange illness, and two of them have died. When bioweapons were used against U.S. troops in the 1991 Gulf War, the symptoms were first blamed on a mystery disease, and this may be happening again.

U.S. Army Surgeon General Lt. Gen. James Peake...

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How Many Died to Free Iraq

At least 3,240 civilians died in Iraq during the month of war, including 1,896 in Baghdad alone, according to an investigation by the Associated Press. The count is based on records from 60 of Iraq's 124 hospitals from March 20 to April 20. However, many of the dead were not taken to hospitals, but were buried by their families or lost beneath...

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U.S. Troops Spray Graffiti in Ancient City

We've heard about Iraqis looting some of their country's ancient treasures and how U.S. troops either didn't try?or were unable?to stop them. Now there's news that our troops have been doing some of the looting themselves and have vandalized one the world's most ancient cities?6,000-year-old Ur in southern Iraq?by spray painting graffiti on the...

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Archive Threats Come Home to U.S.

Robert Fisk writes in the London Independent newspaper: "So yesterday was the burning of books: first came the looters, then the arsonists. It was the final chapter in the sacking of Baghdad. The National Library and Archives ? a priceless treasure of Ottoman historical documents, including the old royal archives of Iraq ? were turned to ashes...

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Farmer Shot Down Helicopter in Iraq? Not True!

Remember the Apache helicopter that was supposedly shot down by an Iraqi farmer in the early days of the Iraq war? The fact that Saddam mentioned this in a video tape was used as proof that he was still alive and wasn't killed by the early bombing of his bunker. Now it turns out the incident never happened?the farmer simply discovered the...

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Two Amazing Insights on Museum Looting

Subscribers: We have a special interview for you with Laurence Gardner, who will be on Dreamland May 10, about the museum looting in Iraq. Peter Levenda writes in his new Insight about the destruction of the Baghdad museum: "This was the history promoted so vigorously by Saddam Hussein. In an effort to make the Iraqis feel pride in this ancient...

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Iraq Art Looted by Organized Gangs

Organized gangs of international art smugglers were behind the looting of Baghdad's National Museum, not ordinary Iraqis citizens. Professor McGuire Gibson from Chicago University says the thieves knew what they were looking for and where to find it, and even had keys to the vaults. "It looks as if part of the looting was a deliberate planned...

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Did U.S. Encouraged Looting Get Out of Hand?

An article by Ole Rothenborg, translated by Joe Valasek, in the April 11 issue of Dagens Nyheter, Sweden's largest newspaper, interviewed Middle East expert Khaled Bayomi. Bayomi was surprised when the American soldier complained on TV that the U.S. doesn't have the resources to stop the looting in Baghdad. "I happened to be right there just...

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Baghdad Battery, Many Treasures Believed Lost as Iraqi National Museum Looted

Chaos broke out at the Iraq National Museum last week, and it has been stripped of artifacts. While many of these priceless treasures were undoubtedly stolen or destroyed by Muslim extremists who have wanted for years to break up all images in the museum, it remains possible that some of the collection has been carried into hiding by Iraqis who...

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