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U.S. Fears That Terror Groups Could Seize Radioactive Materials

The U.S. and Iraqi authorities have serious concerns that terrorists may be gaining access to nuclear and radioactive materials to use in some form of major terror attack.

A State Department official has revealed that the hard-line terror group, The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (known as ISIS or ISIL), has now taken control...
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Why We Can't Win

When it comes to waging war on Afghanistan, we might as well turn around and go home. The British occupied that country from 1839 to 1842, and ended up going home with their tails between their legs, and it looks like we will too.

In the August 16th issue of the New York Review of Books, Rory Stewart writes: "The British 'Army...
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Vets Having Trouble Behind the Wheel

Our Iraq and Afghanistan war vets are coming home with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disease), and due to the roadside bombs they encountered when they were abroad, many of them are having trouble...
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Secret Memos Reveal We Invaded Iraq for the Oil

More secret memos! This time, they're about the REAL reason we invaded Iraq. We know it wasn't WMD (weapons of mass destruction), because Saddam didn't have any. Instead it was, as Jim Marrs said years ago, ...
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The Surge (Again)

In the Sunday New York Times, there was yet another editorial (this time by Donald Rumsfeld) defending the surge, which made us decide to post a reminder about Anne Strieber's diary on this topic.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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The Surge: What REALLY Happened

In her diary of August 21st, Anne Strieber writes: "Latelythere's been a great controversy about whether 'the surge'?which sent 28,000 more troops into Iraq a year ago? has 'worked' or not, with the US military and John McCain saying yes, it's been effective and critics of the war saying no, it hasn't been. But to me the whole question is a...

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Is Iraq Like Ireland?

A British newspaper suggests that in our desire to unite the various warring factions in Iraq, we should take our cue from their long period of sectarian negotiations in Ireland.

In the September 5 edition of the Independent, Patrick Cockburn reports on a recent secret 4-day meeting of 16 representatives of Sunni and Shia factions, which...

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US Soldiers Going Deaf in Iraq

We hear so much about soldiers coming home from Iraq with missing limbs due to insurgency bombings, but a more pervasive problem is that gunfire is making many of our soldiers deaf.

Gunfire can have a profound impact on soldiers' hearing, and the long-term effects carry over to their post-military lives. A recent study found soldiers...

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What's REALLY GOING ON in Iraq

We hear news about the Iraq war from the White House all the time, but we rarely hear from the soldiers themselves. Do they feel that the war they are fighting is working?and is it worth it?

British soldiers are fighting the same war in Iraq that we are, and in the Independent, Terri Judd quotes two of them as saying the Coalition troops...

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WHY Do We Treat Wounded Soldiers So Badly?

How did our VA hospitals get in such terrible shape?and WHY did this happen? Our government's cost cutting tactics, which farm out the management of VA hospitals to private corporations, is one reason. A Princeton professor has a theory about what's REALLY going on.

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What is the Future of Iraq?

Now that President Bush has a Democratic Congress, and Rumsfeld has resigned, what will happen in Iraq? Will the new congress insist that our troops leave? Will it become a full fledged civil war?or is it that already?

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Was there a Military Disaster in Iraq?

There is a rumor that there has been a military disaster inIraq involving an attack near the Green Zone and manyAmerican casualties. On October 10, a massive fire wasobserved at Forward Operations Base Falcon, one of thelargest US camps in Baghdad, and reported by BBC News.Andrew North reported on the BBC that eyewitnesses "believethere was...

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Why So Many are Dying in Iraq

We recently revealed that the death toll in Iraq is much higher than has been reported in the mainstream media. Doctors working in Iraq say that more than half of the civilians killed could have been saved if better medical equipment and more experienced staff and were available. We're putting billions of dollars into the war effort, but we won...

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Devastating Death Toll

There's a devastating new report about the Iraq war?not in the mainstream media or in a political book, but in the British medical journal The Lancet. It says that over 650,000 people have died in the last 3 years in Iraq as a result of the war?that's about almost 3% of the population and is more than 20 times higher than President George Bush...

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Dangerous DU from Iraq Monitored in UK by Halliburton

The US has been the object of criticism worldwide for using depleted uranium in its bullets. The radioactive dust from these bullets causes cancer and persists in the environment for years. Now that global warming is causing more and more air from the Middle East to blow into Europe, European scientists are discovering a sudden and frightening...

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Horrifying Memo from Baghdad Ambassador

A memo marked sensitive from the US Ambassador to Iraq hasbeen obtained by the Independent (London) and Editor andPublisher and the WashingtonPost in the US, that describes a far more chaotic and dangeroussituation than is being generally reported. Iraqi employeesof the embassy are in such constant danger that the factthat they work for the US...

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How Can We Understand Iraq?

Will the recent killing of terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Iraq bring any change in the number of suicide bombings going on in that country? When it comes to the Iraq war, our press pretty much toes the official government line, so we need to look to the UK for answers to that question.

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Why Iraq is Such a Mess

In the May 27 issue of the British weekly The Spectator, Charles Moore writes about The DaVinci Code book and movie: "The idea that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had children?shows the wisdom of the Catholic Church in insisting on priestly celibacy. Where families and power meet, dynasties are created; and where dynasties are created,...

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What's the REAL Iraq? MORE UPDATES

Will there ever be a united Iraq, or is this a dream that the West should give up on before there is even more loss of life? After the breakup of the Soviet Union, many of the countries they ruled with an iron fist divided into smaller, ethnically similar areas and seem to be very happy with that solution. We're a country with many different...

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Anne's Diary: Iraq, Vietnam & Flight 93

What, if anything, do these three things have in common? Anne Strieber says that the people involved are?or were?all heroes. Read her new Diary and find out just what she means?and why we're so honored that soldiers in Iraq are taking us with them!

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links...

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War Propaganda

It has been revealed that a group of government officials known by the ironic name of The Lincoln Group has been spreading propaganda and disinformation about the Iraq war.

Andrew Buncombe reports in The Independent that this group pressures newspapers to print news about the war slanted towards the viewpoint of the Bush administration....

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How Lincoln Assassination Ties in With Iraq

When actor John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln (who was the first US president to be assassinated), this was not an independent action?it was part of an elaborate conspiracy to take down the entire government, one that reverberates with the modern history of 911 and the Iraq war.

It wasn't just Lincoln who was targeted on April 14,...

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A Tragedy?or a Conspiracy?

In the last edition of our free newsletter, Whitley wrote: "A group comprising an astonishing 50 college professors from around the US has issued a statement saying that "we believe that senior government officials have covered up crucial facts about what really happened on 9/11. We believe these events may have been...

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Profit May be the REAL Reason for War

UK businesses have made huge profits from the war in Iraq, and certain select US businesses, like Dick Cheney's former company Halliburton, have too. This couldn't have been the major reason we went to war in the first place?or could it?

Robert Verkaik writes in The Independent that British businesses have made billions of dollars in the...

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A Dreamland Show About?What?

What in the world is this week's Dreamland show all about? It's about what happens when you bring one of the world's leading mythologists, William Henry together with conspiracy expert Jim Marrs and they discuss why Saddam Hussein was spending billions of dollars to rebuild Babylon. You will never, ever hear anything like this on any other...

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Iraq Thefts?Were Valuables Ever Recovered?

When we invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003, there were news reports about the looting of over ten thousand valuable artefacts from the National Museum, and it was rumored that looters even had lists of things to steal, given to them by international antique dealers. Then it was discovered that museum curators hid much of it in bank vaults, so it...

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WE Use Chemical Weapons in Iraq

Before we invaded Iraq, we accused Saddam Hussein of having chemical weapons, but none have ever been found. Now it turns out that we used them against Iraqi insurgents. We used large amounts of white phosphorus on the Iraqi city of Fallujah in when our forces staged an attack there a year ago. White phosphorus causes deaths and serious burns...

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How New Orleans is Like Iraq

We recently wrote about how our government has made the same mistakes in both Iraq and New Orleans. Research analyst Steve Hammons agrees and gives disturbing details. Click on this extraordinary Insight to learn more.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Garden of Eden?in Iraq?

Ecologists think that the mythical Garden of Eden talked about in the Bible may have been located in the marshlands of Iraq. The marshes are now home to the native Ma'dan marsh dwellers, as well as many species of migrating waterfowl and game fish. Drainage of the wetlands as well as toxic contamination over the last twenty years devastated as...

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MORE Pre-911 Iraq War Memos

A secret British government memo, written in 2002, (asreported in ourMay 8 editionof, revealed that the U.S. and the U.K.KNEW there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraqbefore they invaded. Now seven more similar memos have beenrevealed by the Brits.

NBC news also reports that these memos reveal that beforethe...

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