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Bodies in the Streets?

As the recession drags on, are we going to see the dead bodies of homeless people lying about in the streets (a vision one would have once expected to see only in a third-world country like India)? Even if you have a roof over your head, your socioeconomic status can affect your life expectancy.

It turns out that people who live in areas...

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A Tough Time to be Homeless

Will the time come when there are no more homeless people shivering in the snow? Anne Strieber has written about her friendship with a homeless lucky lady and about how she feels homeless herself, but some people REALLY ARE homeless. A sociologist wanted to find out why so many of these people refuse to go to shelters but actually seem to...

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Homeless: The Ultimate Solution

Something that government officials don't like to admit is that most of the homeless people who ask for money on the street are mentally ill. Some of them are addicted to alcohol, drugs (or both), but since the mental hospitals have closed and the recession is still going strong, we are all seeing more and more of these people on the streets of...

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