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Virus in GM Foods Could be Dangerous

GM crops such as corn, which are being grown around the world for both human and farm animal consumption, include a virus gene that could be poisonous to humans that has not been tested for safety.

A new study by the European Food Safety Authority(EFSA) reveals that the...
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Superweeds Sprouting Up

Starlink corn was genetically engineered to remain alive while being sprayed with the pesticide Roundup, which kills the weeds but not the GM corn--but this isn't working as well as it used to, so Dow has created a NEW pesticide, based on the defoliant Agent Orange...
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Do GM Foods Make Us Fat?

A new study shows that genetically-modified food is contributing to the obesity epidemic. Researchers found that GM corn fed to mice led to an increase in overall body weight of almost 4%, while also increasing the weight of their livers by up to 11%.

No matter how you feel about genetically-modified food, it's interesting to...
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Even Pigs Can't Survive on GM Corn

Pig farmers are having major breeding problems from feeding their animals genetically-engineered corn. Despite 30 years of experience farming in Shelby County, Iowa, Jerry Rosman couldn't figure out why the birthrates of piglets fell 80%. He tested for diseases and made sure artificial insemination was working right, but he couldn't find the...

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Tracking Alien Corn

In small farming villages in Mexico?s rural Oaxaca state, scientists have discovered that much of the corn, some of it growing wild, is a genetically modified variety that is illegal to grow in Mexico. GM corn has been found in 15 of 22 communities in Oaxaca and in 3 to 10 percent of plants in the fields sampled. Scientists fear it will take...

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