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New Genfood Rules Delight Industry

After two years of review, the FDA has decided that there is no need for American companies to label genfoods, and that testing for allergic response and toxicity is unnecessary.

This means that genetically engineered food products are free to enter the American food chain without restraint or restriction. Stringent European rules are...

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Genfoods to Become Impossible to Avoid

Scientists have announced that genetically engineered wheat, barley and rice could be commercially available within the next 3 years. James Cook, wheat scientist for Washington State University, said Monsanto's Roundup Ready wheat, used to control weeds, could be available to farmers by 2003. It would join corn, soybeans and cotton, which have...

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Starlink Could Cost Food Industry Billions

The Toronto Star has reported that the StarLink genetically engineered corn could cost the food industry billions of dollars. The pollution of regular strains of corn by StarLink will lead to dozens of lawsuits. "This is going to come back to haunt the regulators and the food industry," said Don Westfall, vice-president of Promar International...

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Genfood Industry Triumph: the Green Potato

Genetic modification of seeds has put animal genes in vegetables and given us square tomatoes, but the newest breakthrough is the green, water-sensing, potato. Scientists at Edinburgh University injected potato plants with a fluorescence gene borrow from a luminous jellyfish, which cause the leaves of this potato plant to glow green when it...

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World Effort to Save Untainted Seeds

The seeds we rely on for food are being genetically altered by a handful of large corporations, and the companies that produce these seeds admit that there is no way to keep genetically engineered seeds from contaminating ordinary crops. We?re facing a future where all our crops will be grown from newly-engineered sources and older versions of...

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