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Water Into Fuel? We Have The Technology!

It has been the dream of environmentalists for years, to discover the alchemic ability to turn water into liquid gold: gasoline.
Now a company based in Dresden in Germany claims to have developed the technology to do just that. Sunfire GmbH has created an engineering installation that can synthesize petroleum-based fuels using water and...
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Viable Non-Polluting Power Source Discovered, But Is It Too Late to Stop Climate Change?

A ground-breaking new energy source has been discovered by a company in New Jersey.

The powerful new water-based fuel could provide a viable alternative for fuel production worldwide, and has already shown proven results in the supply of sustained electricity production.
The power source is known as The BlackLight Process after...
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Scientists Discover Viable Alternative Fuel

As the US undergoes its busiest travel week of the year, it is timely to reflect on the future of our fuel supplies. The modern world relies so heavily on the need for mobility, but, with our current reliance on fossil fuels, travel has a precarious future.
Oil reserves are not limitless, and the by-products of the internal combustion...
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When Energy Stinks

A sewer is where your toilet flushings, shower and dishwashing water go, and it's a pretty warm place. That heat can generate energy, meaning that a sewer system can take care of heating and cooling a whole city. The small city of Brainerd, Minnesota is trying it out. This could be ...
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Fuel from Anything

What if you could feed your discarded junk into one end of a machine and get oil and natural gas out of the other? This would solve two problems at once. One inventor claims he has created a machine that will do that very thing.

In Popular Science, Rena Marie Pacella quotes inventor Frank Pringle as saying, "I've been told the oil...

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Fill Up at Home

One day you may be driving a non-polluting SUV that runs onnatural gas. There are more 110,000 of them on Americanroads already, although most are taxis or delivery vans.

Compressed natural gas (CNG) cars have a maximum range of200 miles between refueling stops. In order to fill up,drivers have to locate one of the 1,600 public or...

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