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Shoe Power

Thanks to the shoe bomber, we all now have to remove our shoes at the airport, but there may be a GOOD type of shoe power!

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Severed Feet: Cause May Have Been Found

Update: Foot # Six is a hoax, but the explanation still stands for the rest. - MORE severed feet have been found washed up on a beach in British Columbia. These are the the fifth and sixth human feet to wash up on a Vancouver beach in the past year. The 5th foot, however, is a LEFT foot, while the other four (including the 6th...

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Why We Don't Glide Instead of Walk or Run

Newswise - Horses have a variety of gaits, including walking, trotting, cantering and galloping, so why do human beings only walk or run? We have the bones and muscles to perform a variety of gaits. We could even develop a brand new way of moving. Scientists got curious about this and used a computer to prove that when you have...

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