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Gravity Could Help To Predict Floods Months in Advance, Say Scientists

A recent study could help scientists predict impending floods months before they occur.

The study states that a pair of NASA satellites, known collectively as GRACE, have detected variations in gravitational pull from saturated river basins that appear to be accurate indicators of flooding.

The report, which was...
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Another Unknown Country Prediction Manifests Into Reality: Unprecedented Flooding In Europe

A few days ago, Unknown Country Climate Watch predicted "extremes of flooding" across the Northern Hemisphere. Those who read this site regularly will know how accurate Climate Watch predictions have proved to be, and this one, unfortunately, is no exception.

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Wondering What the Effects of Climate Change Will Be? They're Already Here, Say Scientists

An important new report released this week has revealed that the United States is being severely affected by human-induced climate change across the whole of the nation.

The report, entitled the National Climate Assessment, was compiled by a large panel of...
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Global Warming: Could it be causing sub-zero temperatures and flooding across the planet?

The term "global warming" suggests that we can expect temperatures across the planet to become increasingly hotter with every passing year.

Australia's blazing hot weather certainly broke all records during 2013, with summer and winter temperatures that were 1.2C above the long term average. In its annual report, the...
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More Severe Storms Worldwide

The eastern half of the United States and parts of Canada have been assaulted by a severe snow storm which has left 16 people dead.

The snow storm, named as "Hercules", left some areas buried under two feet of snow and was so severe that both the governors of New York and New Jersey had to declare states of emergency....
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Another Severe Storm Hits Britain

Another severe storm lashed the U.K. on Monday, leaving two people dead and a trail of destruction in the wake of its fury.
Many rail, air and ferry services were disrupted, and it was chaos on the nation's roads, with the U.K's Network Rail declaring that storm damage was worse than that caused by recent super-storm Jude.

The U...
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Another fatal storm hits the US

It seems as though wild weather events have rarely been out of the headlines recently. It has been a bleak weekend in some parts of America after yet another fatal storm blasted its way through five US states.
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Wobbly Jet Stream Causes US Flooding

Persistent rainfall and flooding across the central US is being caused by an unusual condition in the jet stream that has meteorologists scratching their heads. Normally in midsummer, the jet stream rises to the north and becomes weaker, flowing over central Canada and occasionally dipping down into the US, bringing outbursts of summer...
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Will We Run Out of Food in the Future?

Due to Hurricane Irene, we're mostly hearing about flooding in the US at the moment, but there is a drought of historic proportions going on in Texas right now. Climate change will lead to even more weather extremes in the future.
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Major Nation Will Drown

100 years from now it will be gone - We reported that a tiny island nation is going under for the 3rd time, but now a much bigger country?Bangladesh?is set to drown as well, and 150 million people will lose their homes. If you live in a coastal city, Water World may be in YOUR future as well.

In the June 20th edition of...

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Water World is REAL

In 1995, a film called "Waterworld" postulated a future earth where the oceans have risen so high that everyone lives on boats. With floods in Iowa, China and India engulfing entire cities, it almost seems if that scenario as become a reality. As even entire nations drown, due to rising sea levels, scientists report that MOST of the earth's...

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Incredible Floods Possible in Europe

Last month was officially the worst October for tornadoes in many years. Now A gigantic storm over the North Sea threatens the entire Dutch coast and the northern coasts of Britain and parts of German with flooding of gigantic proportions. Since Britain's "year without a summer," Unknowncountry has been warning of more violent weather to follow...

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Future of Flooding

Climate change may carry a higher risk of flooding than was previously thought.

According to BBC News, "Efforts to calculate flooding risk from climate change do not take into account the effect carbon dioxide (CO2) has on vegetation. Higher atmospheric levels of this greenhouse gas reduce the ability of plants to suck water out of the...

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Miami Will Drown

In the July 28-August 30, 2007 issue of New Scientist magazine, NASA physicist James Hansen says that, due to global warming, the oceans will rise so high in the next 100 years that Miami, Florida will be one of the major cities that drowns: it will be underwater. The article contains a "before" photograph and a computer-generated "after" image...

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Wild Weather

Floods Drown Europe, Pakistan, US Midwest as Drought Withers Australia, California - Rarely have such weather extremes been observed as are taking place around the world now. Parts of Australia remain crippled by drought, and Southern California has experienced is driest 12 months since records began being kept in 1877....

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Venice Dries Up!

In Venice, Italy, gondolas are getting stuck on the dry bedsof the canals. Hotel docks are dangling in mid air. What?sgoing on here? Venice is drying up!

Venice, which usually has a few feet ofwater on the ground at high tide, has dried out due to lackof rainfall in the area. Rightnow, gondolas can onlytravel on the Grand Canal, Venice's...

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Two Exquisite Cities May Drown

There is a serious risk that the river Seine will burst its banks in Paris and surrounding areas sometime this winter. Areas of central Paris on both sides of the river could be submerged. The last time this happened was during the great flood of 1910.

The national parliament, the Mus

NOTE: This news story, previously...

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