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Dirty Politics? Scientists Say Political Affiliation Is In Our Subconscious, Or Even Our Genes

Maggot infestations, rotting carcasses, unidentifiable gunk in the kitchen sink – how much your brain responds to disgusting images could predict whether you are liberal or conservative.

In a study to be published in an upcoming issue of Current Biology, an international team of scientists led by Virginia Tech reports that the...
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Want a Successful President? Elect a Psychopath!

The fearless dominance associated with psychopathy may be an important predictor of U.S. presidential performance.

On the Medical Xpress website, Carol Clark relates the following story: "After a gunman shot him in the chest in 1912, Theodore Roosevelt went...
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Where You Vote May Determine HOW You Vote

WHERE you vote may determine WHO you vote for. Passersby who stopped to answer surveys taken next to churches in the Netherlands and England reported themselves to be more politically conservative and more negative toward non-Christians than did people who were...
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New Hampshire to Recount Ballots

New Hampshire election officials announced today that theywill recount the ballots in both Republican and Democraticprimaries held there last Tuesday. The recount will begin onJanuary 16. It was requested by some candidates, but therehas also been concern expressed that the hand-countedballots appear to follow the pre-election poll results...

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Will the 2008 Election be Honest?

In the article "None Dare Call It Stolen" by Mark Crispin Miller in the August 2005 issue of Harper's Magazine, Miller gives convincing proof that the Presidential election was again stolen by the Republicans, through manipulation of voting machines in Ohio. In an assessment of the 2004 presidential election, University at Buffalo political...

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Redskins Lose, Republicans Call Penalty Foul

A crucial penalty in the last few minutes of theRedskins--Green Bay Game may have lost the 'Skins the game,which was won by Green Bay, 28-14. Had the penalty not beenlevied against the 'Skins and Green Bay not made that lasttouchdown, the score might have been 21-20 'Skins. Given howclose the election is, Tuesday's electoral game is far...

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New Voting Machines Easy to Hack

The California recall election was almost derailed due to fears about using the same type of punch card ballots that skewed the Presidential election in Florida. These, as well as traditional voting machines, are rapidly being phased out in favor of touch-screen computers. But like all computers, they can be hacked.

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Foreign Press Questions U.S. Election

Please note that this is not a statement of opinion, but a news item that communicates the facts as they are being reported abroad. It does not necessarily reflect Whitley Strieber's personal views about the election.

As unofficial recounts of the disputed Florida election make it more and more clear that Al Gore won the state, the...

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