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Latest Technology Reveals Secrets of Egyptian Mummies

Computerised tomography (CT) scanners are normally used to create detailed images of the inside of the body, but they have recently been used to scan more unusual patients.

Eight Egyptian mummy exhibits from The British Museum in London have been transported to hospitals across the city under the cover of darkness and placed inside CT...
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Possible New Pyramids Discovered in Egypt

Satellite archaeology researcher Angela Micol has located what could be a very ancient pyramid complex in southern Egypt. The complex could also be the remains of a fortified settlement built in later times, during the Ptolemaic period. From above, though, the structures appear to be far...
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Buried City Found in Egypt

In a recent NASA satellite survey of Egypt, archaeologists discovered 17 pyramids that had been buried in the sand, as well as more than 1,000 tombs and 3,000 ancient settlements. Ground level excavations have already confirmed the existence of two of the pyramids. Ancient Egyptian buildings were made of mud brick, which is denser than the sand...
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Take a Trip with William Henry!

It will be like no other trip you've ever taken before! William Henry, the host of Revelations, has another...
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MORE Secrets Discovered in Giza Pyramid

A robot camera has revealed markings inside tunnels beneath the Giza Plateau that have remained unseen for at least 4,500 years. The hieroglyphic symbols are in red paint and may have been made by masons when the chamber was being built, as sort of a "blueprint" written right on the stones.

On, Nuala Calvi quotes...
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More Pyramids Discovered in Egypt

Satellites don't just look out into space--they also focus their "eyes" on the ground, and when they do, they discover surprising secrets. A recent satellite survey of Egypt has identified 17 lost pyramids that have become buried...
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William Henry's Extraordinary Journey Home

William Henry and his wife Claire (whom Whitley and Anne first met in a crop circle) had a close call when they tried to leave Egypt,...
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William Henry Lands in London!

William Henry has just texted Whitley Strieber that he and his wife Claire have landed safely in London. Thanks to everybody for your prayers and concern. We expect him to appear on Coast to Coast and his own show, Revelations, this week to tell all the story of this amazing journey.
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Meditation Miracle

A peek into the mysteries of the past: A new study finds that hardening of the arteries was common among ancient Egyptianschallenging the belief that this is a modern condition caused by current-day risk factors such as stress and sedentary lifestyles.

Researcher Michael Miyamoto, who studied the prevalence of cardiovascular disease in...

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Egyptian Pyramids May be Concrete

We've speculated many times about how the ancient Egyptians may have been able to hoist so many large heavy stones into place. A new theory says that some of the giant building blocks in the pyramids may actually be made of concrete, which is much lighter in weight than limestone.
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How the Egyptians Did It?

People who study ancient Egypt have speculated that perhaps the pyramid builders used sound to levitate the gigantic stones into place. Mainstream scientists scoffed at this idea but now they're taking levitation seriously.

Scientists have now levitated small live animals using only sounds. Chinese scientists have used ultrasound to...

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Ancient Tomb Discovered...of a Dentist

On this week's Dreamland, we interview world famous Egyptologist John Anthony West, so it's appropriate that a new Egyptian tomb has just been discovered?containing the graves of three royal dentists!

Reporter Sierra Millman writes that the tomb was discovered thanks to the arrest of three grave robbers. Archeologists says the tomb was...

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Will New Egyptian Tomb Lead Us to Another Tut?

The Valley of the Kings Foundation has announced that they have used radar to discover a new, hidden tomb that has beendesignated KV64. It has not yet been excavated or explored, but it is in the same general area where the incredible, nearly intact tomb of King Tutankhamun (designated KV62) was discovered in 1922.(KV63 was not a tomb but a...

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Exciting William Henry Conference

So many of you have enjoyed William Henry's interviews on Dreamland radio and have wanted to meet him in person. Now's your chance: He is presenting a new lecture and slide slow titled Activating the Temple of Light in Nashville on June 16-18. If you sign up now, you could be one of the 40 lucky people who will get to take this extraordinary...

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New Tut Tomb Found Intact

A new tomb has been discovered in Egypt by an archeological team from the University of Memphis (Tennessee), just a few feet away from the famous tomb of Tutankhamun that was unearthed in 1922. This one contains five mummies, along with many valuable artifacts. Since looting has been going on almost since Egyptian mummies were first being...

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King Tut Wasn't Murdered

In 1968, archeologists announced that analysis of the mummyof the boy king Tut revealed that he was murdered, settingup a theory of high intrigue among the ancient Pharaohs. Butnew studies show that he actually died from complicationsfrom a broken leg, which probably was an accident.

A CT scan on Tut's 3,300 year-old mummified body shows...

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World's Craziest Lawsuit?

The U.S. is known for having the most frivolous lawsuits, but that's about to change. A group of Egyptian expatriates living in Switzerland is getting ready to sue "all the Jews of the world" for taking Egyptian treasure with them when they escaped during the Exodus, which religious scholars thnk occurred between 1400 and 1300 BC.


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Evidence of Black Pharaohs

Archeologists have uncovered a 2,000 year old pit in northern Sudan that filled with ancient statues of the Nubian kings who were known as the black pharaohs. The black pharaohs ruled over a powerful empire stretching along the Nile Valley 2,500 years ago, known as the Kingdom of Kush. The granite statues are highly polished and finely carved,...

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Robot Will Explore Hidden Pyramid Room

For over a century, archeologists have speculated about what's behind a blocked-off door in the Great Pyramid of Giza. The door was discovered in 1872 and is blocked by a gigantic stone. On September 17, a robot will crawl under the door and video the area. All that scientists have managed to glimpse so far is the door, which has beautiful...

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Ancient Egyptian Brew

Kirin, a Japanese beer maker, has found a 4,400-year-oldrecipe in Egyptian hieroglyphics and made authentic ancientEgyptian beer from it called Old Kingdom Beer. It's darkbrown with no foam and has an alcohol content of 10%, whichis about double that of modern beers.

Kirin spokesman Takaomi Ishii says, "It has a taste verydifferent from...

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Egypt Warns of War

Egypt has warned the United States that the latest Israeli military offensive against the Palestinians could spread into a confrontation with the entire Arab world.

President Hosni Mubarak has told Washington it will not tolerate Israeli destruction of the government of Yasser Arafat. He has made a pledge to Arafat that Egypt will...

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Middle Eastern Pollution?Old & New

Toxins produced by the mines and smelters of thousands of years ago may be affecting the health of people living today in the Middle East. ?Even after 2000 years of dilution by environmental agencies such as wind, the heavy metals remain in high concentrations and continue to exert toxic effects on plants and animals including the humans who...

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Egyptians Used Extremely Complex Mummification Technique

A new study shows that ancient Egyptians used far more complex embalming techniques than previously realized. They used complex mixtures of plant and animal extracts to embalm mummies, and researchers have discovered traces of a wide variety of materials, including animal fats, plant oils, beeswax, and resins in minute samples from 13 mummies....

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Sudden Climate Change Wrecked Egyptian Old Kingdom

Over Four thousand two hundred years ago, the first great civilization in Egypt collapsed.

The pharaohs of the Egyptian Old Kingdom built the pyramids at Giza, one of the greatest monuments of the ancient world. But after nearly a thousand years of stable government, central authority disintegrated and the country collapsed into chaos...

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