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Earth Twists Space-Time

An experiment with implications almost beyond imaginationhas confirmed that earth's rotation actually twists thefabric of space and time.

An international group of scientists assembled by NASA hasconfirmed that Einstein was correct in his theory thatplanetary rotation would do this.

Scientists at the Joint Centre for Earth System...

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We May Never be Found

Is the Earth unique in harboring intelligent life? Even ifanother civilization is trying to contact us, it will soonbe too late, according to SETI's Frank Drake, because TV isbeing delivered more and more by cable and satellites, whichdo not leak radio waves into space.

David L. Chandler writes in New Scientist that according toDrake,...

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Scientists are speculating about what will happen if the melting ice caps cause the Earth to change its tilt. Would life would still be possible if this happened? One way to find out is to study other planets with tilts that are greater than ours.

Penn State Astronomer Darren M. Williams says, "I suspect, based on simulations and our own...

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Earth Had Rings Like Saturn

The Earth may once have been surrounded by rings, like Saturn, which would have cast a shadow on parts of the planet all day long. The rings could have been formed after a glancing blow from an asteroid, when a space rock carves debris from a planet, then bounces off into the atmosphere. The resulting debris would also have shot off into space...

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Earth Cries Uncle!

Human beings are demanding more of the Earth than it cancope with, according to new research?and we?ve had 50% moreimpact on it in just the last 40 years. One of theresearchers, Mathis Wackernagel of Oakland, California,claims that by 1961, we were using 70% of the capacity ofthe global biosphere. By 1999, that had risen to 120% of theEarth's...

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