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Over 1100 Dead in India Heat Wave

A record-breaking heat wave is currently gripping India, killing hundreds, with temperatures hot enough to liquefy asphalt.

"As of now, we don't predict any respite from the extreme heatwave for the next few days," reports a spokesman from India's Meteorological Department, B. P. Yadav. They expect to see temperatures in...
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Drought in the West, Freeze in the East--a Possible Explanation

The US West Coast is suffering a catastrophic drought. The eastern half of the country has just experienced one of the worst winters ever recorded. Now scientists at think they have at least a partial answer that explains both situations: a huge mass of unusually warm water that has formed in the Pacific Ocean off the West Coast. It prevents...
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Researchers Suggest That Climate Change Destroyed Ancient Empires

Yesterday, Unknown Country reported the amazing news that the technology had been developed to turn water into fuel, but we asked the question, is water fast becoming a scarcer commodity than fossil fuels?
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Scientists Say Amazon Rainforest Is Drying Out With Catastrophic Results

A few weeks ago, Unknown Country reported that NASA were investing millions of dollars into a new laser-based instrument, located on the International Space Station,  which is intended to provide a unique 3-D view of Earth’s forests...
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Incoming El Niño Could Break All Previous Records

As already predicted in Unknown Country's Climate Watch, it appears that westerly winds sweeping across the Pacific ocean could produce the first El Niño weather system since 2009-2010. Forecasters warn that it could be one of the most dramatic on record.

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Wondering What the Effects of Climate Change Will Be? They're Already Here, Say Scientists

An important new report released this week has revealed that the United States is being severely affected by human-induced climate change across the whole of the nation.

The report, entitled the National Climate Assessment, was compiled by a large panel of...
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Fracking Threatens to Drain Water Reserves and Exacerbate Droughts

Yet more adverse side effects of fracking have been identified, as new research indicates that it could threaten water supplies in drought-prone areas.

Fracking is a controversial method of extracting gas reserves from underground seams, using high pressure water jets which are injected into the ground to fracture shale rocks and...
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Major US Waterway Drying Up

Global warming affects different water ways differently. Glacier melt has opened up the Northwest Passage again, but the mighty Mississippi's water level is reaching a historic low due to the Midwestern...
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Deserts Were Once Wet--On Mars as Well as Earth

The deserts of Utah and Nevada have not always been dry: Between 14,000 and 20,000 years ago, valleys throughout the desert southwest filled with water to become large lakes, which--at their maximum--covered about a quarter of both those states. And a dry stream bed has been found on Mars--was this "red desert" planet ALSO once covered...
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Mayans Brought About Their Own Demise

Drought is getting to be the new normal for large parts of the world (including the US) and it turns out it was for the...
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Drought is the New Normal

The chronic drought that hit western North America from 2000 to 2004 left dying forests and depleted river basins in its wake and was the strongest in 800 years and it's still going on. Scientists have concluded that those conditions will become the "new normal...
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US Drought Means World May Starve

The US is going through the worst drought in half a century. Since we feed the world, this could lead to a global crisis as crop shortages push food prices up. The US supplies half the world's corn exports and a large amount of its soybeans and wheat. We even sell Texas-grown rice to Asian countries.

In the July 20th edition of the...
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The Arab Spring May be Caused by Drought

It's feast or famine in the Arab world, which is why climate change--NOT a hunger for freedom--may be what's behind the revolutionary movements in the Middle East that have become known as...
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Plants Remember the Dry Days

When plants talk to each other, what do they say? Some of them compare notes on how to survive a drought and plants that have been subjected to a previous period of drought learn to deal with the stress thanks to their memories of the experience.

This discovery...
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Don't Send Dollars to Somalia

In the US, kids are holding bake sales and setting up lemonade stands to try to raise money for the starving children of Somalia that they see on the TV news every night. But one of Africa's largest charities-- Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders or MSF) is telling people not to do that, because the money and food is NOT reaching the...
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We Have a Future Filled With Drought

It's pretty clear by now that drought is in our future. The percent of land area experiencing exceptional drought reached record levels in August in three U.S. states--Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas--amid new concerns about how long the conditions may persist. A record of...
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Texas is Burning

Texas is home to presidential candidate Rick Perry, who denies global warming, but parts of the state are burning, due to a drought of historic proportions that has been intensified by excessive...
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Will We Run Out of Food in the Future?

Due to Hurricane Irene, we're mostly hearing about flooding in the US at the moment, but there is a drought of historic proportions going on in Texas right now. Climate change will lead to even more weather extremes in the future.
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We'll Have a Hotter, Drier Future

Despite the severe storms now raging across the country, the long term future will be a drier one. The long lull in sunspot activity at the end of the last 11-year solar cycle gave us more time to work on solving the...
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Can We Still Breathe Tomorrow?

We don't have to worry about inhaling radiation from Japan, but as carbon dioxide levels have risen during the last 150 years, the density of pores that allow plants to breathe has...
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Rain Making

A new, detailed record of rainfall fluctuations in ancient Mexico that spans more than 12 centuries will help us understand the role drought played in the rise and fall of pre-Hispanic civilizations. If there's a...
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Why the Sahara Became a Desert

How can a part of the world transform from a green area into a desert? It happened to the Sahara and scientists think this was due to a change in the tilt of the earth. Changes in the Earth's tilt happen...
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Drought in our Future

War isn't the only thing that threatens human survival--an even bigger threat is lack of water. Despite the fact that Australia is experiencing incredible floods right...

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Go Green on Wash Day

New washer uses only a cup of water - Drought will be a big problem in the future?and is already a huge problem in some parts of the world. A lot of water is wasted doing the laundry, but a new type of washing machine has been invented that uses much less water to get clothes clean.

How does it do it? It pounds clothes...

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There May Not be Much to Drink in the Future

Scientists don't just predict a food shortage for the future, they predict a water shortage too?despite the fact that sea levels are expected to rise?and part of the reason may be corn grown for biofuel production.

A crisis is looming over water shortages worldwide. By 2025 more than half the nations in the world will face freshwater...

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Water War

Experts warn that food and water shortages caused by global warming could lead to future wars, and may be causing one of the wars that this going on RIGHT NOW. Past history makes it even more likely that this will happen. This is why the United Nations has become concerned about climate change.

In, Andrea Thompson reports...

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Shooting for Rain

We recently did a Dreamland show about weather wars. Now Chinese farmers are shooting bullets at the sky in order to try to end a drought.

In the Asia Times, Pallavi Aiyar writes that Chinese farmers have given up on prayer and are trying a new technique to bring rain: they are firing rocket launchers and anti-aircraft guns at clouds....

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Drought? Why Can't We Just Remove the Salt from Seawater?

With all the terrible droughts going in the world right now, including Australia and now the US, the obvious solution (especially for the island nation of Australia) would be to remove salt from sea water, but no one has figured out how to do this efficiently yet.

In, Michael Schirber quotes Australian water expert Gary...

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100 Year Dust Bowl Predicted for US

Global warming has led to major storms in Australia, China and the Middle East, and Australia has just experienced a major drought. In the USA, it's causing the biggest drought since the Dust Bowl of the 1930s?one that isn't yet being widely reported in the US media.

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Only Thing Left is to Pray for Rain

Global warming can cause floods, but it can also lead to the opposite condition: drought, because as greenhouse gases make the air warmer, it can hold more moisture. This water vapor then moves out towards the poles, making dry areas dryer and wet areas wetter. Australia is experiencing a massive drought right now.

There are indications...

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