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The Dangers Of Drinking Water From Warm Plastic Bottles

It's no secret that it's good to keep well-hydrated; the health benefits of drinking at least 1.5 -2 litres (half a gallon)of water daily, particularly in hot and dry conditions, are well documented.
Taking a bottle of water out and about with us is highly recommended to keep up our fluid intake.

But what if the bottled water...
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Alcohol Can Rewire Our Brains

Is it possible to rewire our brain? (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). Sometimes this may happen without our knowledge, such as when we drink too much.
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The force of a champagne cork can shatter glass--and it can also seriously injure your eye.

Warm bottles of champagne and improper cork-removal techniques cause serious, potentially blinding eye injuries each year. Champagne bottles contain pressure as high as 90 pounds per square inch--more than the pressure found inside a typical...
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Drinking Can SAVE Your Life

If you have a car accident and are taken to the hospital, you're less likely to die if you've been drinking (as long as you weren't drinking so much that it CAUSED the accident!) It turns out that injured patients are less likely to die in the hospital if they have alcohol in their blood, and the more alcohol, the more likely they were to survive...
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When Monks Misbehave

We all misbehave at times, but we think of monks as being above all that, since they are supposedly more ascetic than the ordinary man. However, secret video footage shows monks from a Buddhist temple in South Korea...
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A Car That Won't Let You Drink and Drive

Engineers are working on a car that drives itself, but what may come first is a car that doesn't let YOU drive when you've had too much to drink.

In 1982, about 49% of drivers killed in car wrecks had blood-alcohol levels of 0.08 or higher. By 1994, that...
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What are We DRINKING?

Water is becoming something that is in short supply, meaning we may soon be drinking reclaimed wastewater, especially in the desert states of the West (which, ironically, are the fastest-growing areas of the US). We know our drinking water is laced with prescription...
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A Guaranteed Hangover Cure?

The Japanese (Japanese men are reported to drink quite heavily) say they have the cure for a hangover: Blowfish! Blowfish are a Japanese delicacy that can be dangerous--even deadly--if not prepared correctly.

But Blowfish essence has now been condensed into a morning after pill. In Manhattan, it can be delivered directly to your home...
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The REAL Danger is Drinking and WALKING

Drinking and driving is a dangerous combination, but walking after drinking isn't any safer, and if you need to get home after a New Year's Eve party, there's no way to appoint a "designated walker."

Trauma surgeon Thomas Esposito says, "...
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Are You a Mean Drunk?

If you are, it's not excuse--you're mean when sober too. Drinking enough alcohol to become intoxicated increases aggression significantly in people who lack one particular personality trait.. But people with that trait are just as aggressive when they're sober as they are when drunk. And that trait is? The inability to consider the...
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Did You Drink Too Much?

(If you did, we hope you used your Dreamland Festival mug!) Why do some people get drunk after only a few drinks, while others seem to be able to put away much more alcohol? It turns out that immune cells in your brain may contribute to how you respond to...
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How Beer Began

In the 15th century, when Europeans first began moving people and goods across the Atlantic, a microscopic stowaway somehow made its way to the caves and monasteries of Bavaria. The stowaway, a yeast that may have been transported from a distant shore on a piece of wood or in the stomach of a fruit fly, was destined for great things.
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Booze on Board

It's the football season and football means beer. A new study found that 8% of fans who agreed to be tested after attending professional football and baseball games were too drunk to legally drive, and 40% had booze in their bodies.
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Drinking Binges

While their parents have been imbibing for years, many kids who are going off to college will drink alcohol for the first time and some of them will even die from binge drinking. Why does this happen so much more in the US than it does in Europe? Because kids start drinking EARLIER there.

In the US, the drink of choice for students is...

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