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Dirt Makes You Happier

Gardens are good for your brain--and a type of bacteria in the soil called Mycobacterium vaccae may be the reason why.

On Arizona Public Media, Gisela Telis quotes psychiatrist Charles Raison as saying, "What's remarkable is that this microorganism seems to know how exactly to signal the brain areas we believe are most...
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It's Dangerous to be Too Clean (Part II)

We may be dirty, but exposure to common antibacterial chemicals and preservatives found in soap, toothpaste, mouthwash and other personal-care products may make children more likely to have food and environmental allergies.

Researcher Jennifer Savage says, "We saw a...
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It's Dangerous to be Too Clean

Why do we have so much bacteria all over our bodies? One reason may be that they fight off viruses. That's why it can be dangerous...
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Time to Get Dirty

We have a problem: We're just too clean! The rise in allergies and autoimmune diseases during the past few decades may be at least partly due to our lack of exposure to the microorganisms in dirt.

We once walked barefoot in the dirt and washed it off of our food. Now we...
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Freaks and Geeks

In 1968, a comedy called "The Odd Couple," starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, told the story of two divorced men, Felix Ungar (a neurotic neatfreak) and Oscar Madison (a fun-loving slob) who decide to live together. This is a script that plays itself out again and again as college starts and students find themselves paired with...
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The Secret of Easter Island

It's not what you think - The giant monoliths of Easter Island are worn, but they have endured for centuries. New research suggests that a compound first discovered in the soil of this tiny South Pacific island might help us stand the test of time, too. You can never tell what you'll find hidden at a sacred site.


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The Dirt Cure

We've written before that being dirty can be GOOD for you. Now a newly RE-discovered type of clay found in France has been found to kill dangerous germs?even superbugs!

Among the malevolent bacteria that this French clay, which was used in traditional French medicine, has been shown to fight is a "flesh-eating" bug in Africa and the germ...

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We know why dirt is good?but if we're not careful, most of it may not be here anymore?and one kind of dirt can even cure cancer!

The bark of the rare Pacific yew tree is the main ingredient in the medicine Taxol, which is a major breakthrough in cancer cures. In, Charles Q. Choi reports that the dirt the trees grow in...

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Why Dirt is Good

We all need to get down and dirty occasionally--especially when we're kids. Exposure to the bacteria in soil is a major factor in creating our immune systems. In fact, one of the causes of childhood asthma, which is rampant in big cities, is that kids don't get DIRTY anymore.

In, Ker Than reports that when researchers...
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