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De-Extinction: Could Dinosaurs Ever Walk the Earth Again?

Extinction forms a natural part of the cycle of life. Around 50 million species currently exist on our planet but scientific research has indicated that, since life evolved on Earth, between 1 and 4 billion species could have blossomed into being only to die out and ultimately become extinct.
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Dinosaur Farts Changed Prehistoric Climate

Sauropod dinosaurs could have produced enough of the greenhouse gas methane to warm the climate 150 million years ago, at a time when the earth was warm and wet. Does this mean, now that humans rule the planet, we should avoid eating beans?
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Alien Dinosaurs on Other Worlds?

Most scientists think that insects will take over from humans in the future, but what would have happened if dinosaurs hadn't died off? These giant lizards may have survived and evolved...
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Recreating Dinosaurs

After years spent hunting for prehistoric fossils, a paleontologist now plans to manipulate the DNA in chicken embryos to create a flying dinosaur.

The Breitbart website quotes researcher Hans Larsson as saying, "It's a demonstration of evolution. If I can demonstrate clearly that the potential for dinosaur anatomical development exists...

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Dinosaur Demise

Although scientists were skeptical at first, in recent years it has become accepted that the demise of dinosaurs was caused by a meteor impact in the Gulf of Mexico 65 million years ago. Now new research shows that the dinosaurs may have actually been killed off by a series of volcanic eruptions in India. The evidence of this are the gigantic...

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Prehistory?Not the Way You Think It Was

Our science textbooks told tales of tiny mammals (ourancestors) huddling in fear from the gigantic dinosaursroaming the world, but it wasn't that way at all. Andmillions of years later, the early humans known asNeanderthals had beautiful soprano singing voices.

Jeff Hecht writes in New Scientist that newly discoveredfossils from China...

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Why Dinosaurs Went Extinct: No Sex

65 million years ago, dinosaurs experienced bad weather and an asteroid impact, but scientists say their real problem was too many males for the number of females. They think that the sex of dinosaurs, like crocodiles today, depended on the temperature the day they were born. Debris from the asteroid impact blocked the sun and cooled down the...

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Why Dinosaurs Turned into Birds

Most scientists now believe that, due to the fossil evidence, birds are an evolutionary offspring of dinosaurs. Now they've discovered that 175 to 275 million years ago, when this evolution began to take place, oxygen fell to dangerously low levels on Earth. This may have led to the major extinction event which eliminated 90% of all the species...

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Student Finds Ancient Fossil in Sidewalk

University of Arizona senior Greg Cranwell was walking on campus when, he says, "I was looking down at the flagstone and thought I saw something. I was unsure but I thought 'what's it going to hurt if I just look?'" He found he was walking on 270 million-year-old footprints. He says, "I ran to the campus president and told her that we needed to...

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If No Impact, Dinosaurs Would Have Frozen

Poor dinosaurs?their time really was up. Scientists now think that cold was killing them off long before that asteroid wiped them out 65 million years ago. Half of all dinosaurs were gone by then and the impact was just the final straw.

Fossil evidence from the Drumheller valley in Alberta, Canada, laid down 7 million years before the...

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Dinosaurs Could be Hatched from Chicken Eggs

Scientists are planning to hatch dinosaurs from chicken eggs by turning back the evolutionary clock to when birds were dinosaurs. They believe advances in DNA technology could make such a feat possible in 60 to 100 years.

Modern birds are the closest living relatives of dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex, and some say that structurally...

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