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Famed Paleontologist to Create a Dinosaur

A renowned paleontologist and his team of pioneering geneticists are looking to genetically re-create a dinosaur, using DNA from a chicken. And no, we're not lifting this story from a Steven Spielberg movie.

Paleontologist Jack Horner, of whom not only worked on the film "Jurassic Park" as a technical advisor, but also...
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De-Extinction: Could Dinosaurs Ever Walk the Earth Again?

Extinction forms a natural part of the cycle of life. Around 50 million species currently exist on our planet but scientific research has indicated that, since life evolved on Earth, between 1 and 4 billion species could have blossomed into being only to die out and ultimately become extinct.
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Back From the Dead

Scientists are trying to bring extinct species back from the dead. Will they recreate something dangerous?

In the March 19th edition of the New York Times, Gina Kolata quotes geneticist George Church as saying, "Maybe we can no longer delay death, but we can reverse it."

So far only one extinct species has...
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Your Ancestor was a Rat!

No, we don't just mean that we all have some nasty folks in our family tree--We're talking about an actual rat-like mammal that is the common ancestor of all humans. It weighed about half a pound, had a long furry tail and ate insects (something WE...
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Where Does the Myth Come From?

Where did dragons come from? They were a popular icon long before dinosaur bones were discovered, and early man came along AFTER the dinosaurs' demise, so it couldn't have been a race memory. Also, dragon myths were common in the ancient Mediterranean world, despite the...
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Dinosaur Doom

Planets die (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this provocative interview). The Earth is still alive, despite having had at least two major extinctions in the past.

The most-studied mass extinction in Earth...
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Early Man Lived Among Giants

Don't believe "creationists" when they tell you that early man cavorted with dinosaurs--the big lizards died off millions of years before we came along. But a new study that determined...
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Dino Death

Dinosaurs didn't have a chance: When it came to asteroids, they had a one-two punch.

They went extinct 65 million years ago by at least 2 meteorite impacts. Scientists had identified know where the crater left by the first one is: on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. Now they think they've found evidence of the second one in the...

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Dinosaurs Were Polygamous

Researchers used to think that male dinosaurs couldn't get enough sex, but now they think they had harems of females!

They base this conclusion on studies of emus, which are their closest relatives, which are polygamous, but are also devoted dads. Paleobiologist Gregory M. Erickson noticed that the ancient dinosaur nests he found...

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Will we soon get a Jurassic Park?for REAL?

A team of researchers claim that they can create a mammoth from ancient DNA for $10 million and sell them to zoos around the world. The price seems high, but it's around the same amount that museums have recently paid for dinosaur fossils.

They were able to get the DNA from hair taken from deep-frozen woolly mammoth carcasses. Though...

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Dinosaur Demise?Caused by Bugs?

An asteroid may have dealt the final blow to the dinosaurs, but that was because they were in a weakened state, since they were already being nibbled to death by insects!

In the January 7th edition of the Independent, John von Radowitz writes that "Disease spread by ancient mosquitoes, mites and ticks was probably the major factor that...

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Gentle Giant: A Vegetarian Dino

Newswise - How did vicious, meat-eating dinosaurs evolve into friendly,vegetarian dinos?some of which could even fly? A new kind ofdinosaur discovered in Utah may provide some clues. As anadult, this dinosaur walked on two legs, was about 13 feetlong and around 4? feet tall. It had sharp, curved,4-inch-long claws.


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Astonishing Dinosaur Finding

Newswise - Paleontologists have been stunned by the discovery of softtissue from dinosaurs. The tissue is 68 to 80 million yearsold, and some of it remains pliant. The tissue from aTyrannosaurus Rex tissue is virtually identical to a modernostrich. The tissue probably contains genetic material.Perviously, it had been thought...

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T Rex Was a Slowpoke

Tyrannosaurus rex, the killer dinosaur that lived about 85 million years ago, was not the swift hunter depicted in Hollywood movies. Instead of chasing its prey at speeds of up to 45 mph, as some studies have suggested, these dinosaurs may not have been able to run at all.

?These animals were no speed demons,? says John Hutchinson of...

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Dinosaur Extinction May Predict Future

Science has now accepted the fact that the dinosaurs were killed 65 million years ago due to an impact from outer space. Could that type of extinction be in our future? Understanding what caused this impact could help to answer that question.

A new computer simulation shows that the ultimate cause was the fact that Mercury?s orbit...

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