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"Fingerprint Twins" Could Undermine Forensics

Criminals convicted primarily on the basis of fingerprint evidence could soon have grounds for appeal based on the comments of a leading forensic scientist.Fingerprint evidence has been employed to establish criminal involvement since forensic science was first used by the UK's Scotland Yard back in 1901, but now Mike Silverman, who introduced the...
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Catching Criminals BEFORE they Strike Again

A researcher gave 96 male prisoners fMRI brain scans just before their release (he could have given them a spit test). Their brains were scanned during computer tasks during which they had to make quick decisions and control their impulses.

Four years later, Kent Kiehl found that...
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Thousands of Innocent People in Jail

A national registry has compiled a list of over 2,000 wrong convictions since 1989, since DNA testing became common. And reevaluation of old DNA testing is freeing innocent people from jail every day.

In the May 21st edition of the Los Angeles Times,...
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The Problem with Police Line Ups

On TV cop shows, victims almost always identify the perpetrators correctly, but real life doesn't work that way: DNA testing has revealed that witnesses often pick out the wrong person, while detectives, in the background, keep telling the person to "take your time." But new studies show that these witnesses should go with their...
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The Mystery of the Cooper Curse

A major criminal (NOTE: subscribers can still listen to this show) has been hunted by the FBI for 40 years. He is "D.B. Cooper," who, in November of 1971, boarded a plane in Portland that was...
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