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Coral Reefs are Dying-- A Surprising Reason Why

It's a real enigma: Humans aren't the only thing that's killing coral--a certain variety of seaweed is doing the same thing, in a battle beneath the sea. Scientists for the first time have identified and mapped the chemical structure of molecules used by certain species of marine seaweed to kill or inhibit...
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The Future of Coral

Both hope & despair - Hopes have grown dimmer that coral reefs might be able to survive (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), and recover from, bleaching caused by climate change may have grown dimmer for certain coral species, so it's wonderful news that a huge area of reefs with deep-sea corals has been...

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Coral: Going, Going, GONE?

Why we should care - Alas, more bad news: Coral reefs are turning white and dying. This not only bad for the fish that depend on them, it's bad for humans: The resulting lost in tourism could cost millions of dollars. A single large coral reef can be worth between $130,000 to $1.2 million a year to the country it's part of.

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Corals Spawn Secretly by Moonlight

We had a full moon just a few nights ago. In the Florida Keys, the August full moon is the setting for an incredible secret event: the annual spawning for the elkhorn, staghorn, boulder star coral, which are some of the most threatened corals in the world.

"We've been at this for quite a while, and each year we learn a little bit more...

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We're Destroying Coral Like We Always Have

Human beings are rapidly killing off the world's coral, just like we've been doing since prehistoric times. Paleoecologist John Pandolfi says, "No coral reef system in the world is pristine, and they haven't been for a long time."

"It didn't matter if we were looking at the Red Sea, Australia or the Caribbean," says researcher Karen...

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Coral Almost Gone

Alex Kirby writes in that Caribbean coral reefs have declined 80% in the last 30 years. All the coral seems to have been struck at about the same time. Some causes for the destruction are hurricanes and disease, overfishing and pollution. While coral is beginning to grow back, it's not the same kind as the coral that's been lost.

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Destruction of World?s Largest Coral Reef

An epidemic of coral bleaching is effecting the world?s largest coral reef: the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. An extensive survey of the Great Barrier Reef carried out over the last month has revealed "widespread bleaching", says Terry Done, chief conservation scientist at the Australian Institute of Marine Science. This is happening here...

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