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Coffee May Aid Memory and Prevent Depression

For some, it’s the tradition of steeping tealeaves to brew the perfect cup of tea. For others, it’s the morning shuffle to a coffee maker for a hot jolt of java. Then there are those who like their wake up with the kind of snap and a fizz usually found in a carbonated beverage.
Regardless of the routine, the consumption of...
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Give Them a Sip

We have a lot to thank bees for, so maybe we should let them share our lattes.

It turns out that bees like caffeine, and that ingesting it actually boosts their memories. But where can they get it? They're attracted to citrus flowers because they have caffeine-...
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Coffee Prevents Cancer

Oral cancer, anyway. People who drink more than four cups of caffeinated coffee per day are at about half the risk of death of these often fatal cancers compared to those who only occasionally or who never drank coffee.

There was a weaker link between decaf and staying cancer free.

In a recent study of almost 100,000...
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Eavesdropping Insects Save the Coffee

While we humans go about our daily conversations (often on cell phones), we don't realize that the whole world is talking and...
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Odd Cures Continued

MORE Odd cures (or preventatives, anyway): The combined effects of exercise plus caffeine consumption may be able to ward off skin cancer.
Chemical biologist Yao-Ping Lu says, "We found that this combination treatment can decrease sunlight-caused skin cancer formation in a...
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Cheer Up--Drink Coffee!

We've advised you before to keep your brain and body healthy by walking to a coffee shop, and this is especially true for women. Since most anti-depressive medicines may be placebos,...
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Marijuana Doesn't Lead to Hard Drugs--COFFEE Does!

Researchers used to think that marijuana was the "entrance drug" that lead to taking "hard" drugs, such as cocaine and heroin. But now they think it's coffee (and if you're "hooked" on java, be sure to drink it out of a...
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For a Healthy Brain, Walk to a Coffee Shop

The Master of the Key warned about it. Whitley Strieber wrote about it in Hybrids. Now US scientists say that they're on the point of creating memories that can be implanted into the human brain.

To construct the memory circuits, the scientists use a...
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Coffee Doesn't Sober You Up

It only makes you THINK you're sober! - People who drink on New Year's Eve should know that coffee won't sober them up, but it MAY make it harder for people to realize they're drunk. And popular caffeinated "alcohol-energy" drinks don't neutralize alcohol intoxication either.

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Coffee on the Brain

Drinking 5 cups of coffee a day could reverese the memory problems of Alzheimer's disease, making coffee a unique (or maybe not so unique) medicine.

Scientists proved it on mice, anyway. They found that caffeine reduced the production of those plaques that clog up the brain when you have that disease.

BBC News quotes researcher...

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Coffee Highs

Given up pot? Try a pot of coffee!

People who drink too much coffee may start hallucinating. This was discovered by researchers who found that people who drank more than 7 cups a day were more likely to see ghosts and hear strange voices, etc. However, they say that hearing voices is not, by itself, a sign of mental illness (3% of people...

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Afterwards, Have a Cup of Coffee

After they compete, Olympic athletes should have...a cup of coffee!

Recipe to recover more quickly from exercise: Finish workout, eat pasta, and wash down with five or six cups of strong coffee. Glycogen, the muscle's primary fuel source during exercise, is replenished more rapidly when athletes ingest both carbohydrate and caffeine...

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Stay Healthy: Drink Coffee!

We recently wrote about how chicken soup REALLY IS good for cold symptoms. Now it turns out that drinking coffee is a good way to prevent yourself from getting more serious diseases.

Moderate consumption of coffee is being shown to have generally positive and protective effects on the emergence of disease conditions. Food Technology...

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Coffee is GOOD For You

We just put up a story telling about the miraculous properties of green tea: it helps prevent both cancer and Alzheimer's. Coffee also provides more than just a morning jolt; it is the number one source of antioxidants in the U.S. diet.

"Americans get more of their antioxidants from coffee than any other dietary source. Nothing else...

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Decaf Coffee Plant

Soon, if you want decaffeinated coffee, you won't have todrink a brew that's been chemically treated?you'll drink acup of decaf made from coffee beans that were grown that way.

Andy Coghlan writes in New Scientist that biologists havediscovered a naturally decaffeinated coffee plant?and it'sreal coffee, not just something that tastes...

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Blame It On Your Addictions

Taking a coffee break makes it harder for office workers to do their jobs?but only if they're men. Having trouble quitting cigarettes? It may be because you were "born to smoke." But not to worry: you can now "throw a switch" in your brain to get rid of your addictions. And if you're hooked on marijuana, there's a new medicine that will get rid...

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Coffee Can Be Healthy

The buzz from you get from coffee may not be caused by caffeine after all, meaning decaf may raise your blood pressure just as much as the regular brew. Also, coffee has been shown to help diabetes and little old ladies who drink lots of it stay mentally sharp.

Researchers gave triple espressos, in both regular and decaf versions, to six...

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