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Autism May Happen Because We're Too Clean

Autism may be caused by sperm degeneration in older dads, but it could ALSO be caused by a weakened immune system in the mother. Modern immune systems are less efficient than those in the past. Why?...
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Freaks and Geeks

In 1968, a comedy called "The Odd Couple," starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, told the story of two divorced men, Felix Ungar (a neurotic neatfreak) and Oscar Madison (a fun-loving slob) who decide to live together. This is a script that plays itself out again and again as college starts and students find themselves paired with...
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Spring Cleaning: Take It Easy

When it comes to spring cleaning, some of us have to do it ourselves, and the experts think we should take it easy. Researcher Donna Duberg says, "Ask yourself the question: How contaminated is my house?"

Duberg says you actually can make yourself sick from cleaning by being too vigilant. "People think if some is good, more is better,"...

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A House That Cleans Itself

Everyone's dream is the self-cleaning house or apartment. It happened on Mars, so why not here? This might actually be in our future.

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