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Meet Whitley: Online & In Person!

There are THREE ways to meet Whitley Strieber. You can buy a copy of his new novel Hybrids on Saturday, April 23rd at 2 pm Pacific in Burbank, California at Dark Delicacies Bookstore. If you want to listen to Whitley read the first 3 chapters of the book AND see him morph into a machine, click on the...
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Chat on Sat.!

Our first Saturday chat of 2011 (from 10 to 11 am Pacific) will be on February 26, when we will chat with William Henry about his incredible escape from Egypt! If YOU want to join us, subscribe today...
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Lonely & Depressed? Make New Friends!

THE SOLUTION: JOIN OUR REGULAR WEDNESDAY CHATS (from 7 to 8 pm Pacific)! And if this description fits you, check your wallet: Current treatments for depression don't help working-class and poor patients as much as they help middle-class people. Maybe this is because, when people with jobs come...
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