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Cell Phones Dangerous in an Unexpected Way

Most of us are aware of the potential dangers of cell phone radiation, but there's ANOTHER danger you probably never thought of: GERMS!

Bacteria living on your cell...
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Here is the Latest on Cell Phone Cancer

What is the science behind the recent WHO report that cell phones are unsafe? The World Health Organization constantly monitors environmental toxins all over the world, and cell phone radiation is only one of these. Cell phones give off a weak form of energy called non-...
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Cell Phones are NOT Safe

Is your cell phone safe to use? It depends on how you use it and where you carry it. The World Health Organization (WHO) now says that cell phones pose the same "carcinogenic hazard" as...
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We Will Soon be Texting Holograms

You can teach your computer lots of things, but what can you teach your phone? We can now send people words, images and videos on our iphones--what if we could send them a moving, 3-D...
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Embarrassed by Your Archaic Phone?

If you plan on asking Santa for a new cell phone, but aren't sure you'll get one, turn your old phone into an iphone instead! Input Dynamics has developed software which can tell you where to tap on a cell phone screen tell exactly to tap on it to activate its various functions. In BBC News, Dave Lee quotes researcher Simon Godshill as...
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Are You Allergic to Your Cell Phone?

Talking too much on your cell phone can be dangerous, but in a more subtle way than you might think. There are all kinds of allergies and it turns out that chatting endlessly on your cell phone can lead to an allergic...
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The Final Word?

Although debate continues, independent studies with long-term follow-up strongly suggest an increased risk of brain tumors related to the use of cellular or cordless phones. Researcher .B. Dubey says, "We conclude that the current standard of exposure to microwave during mobile phone use is not safe for long-term exposure and needs to be...
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Addicted! cell phones? - Is your child constantly on the cell phone? In Spain, this is considered a mental illness?two teens there, ages 12 and 13, have been committed to a mental health institution for 3 months for this reason. BBC News quotes psychologist Jose Martinez-Raga, who is an expert in addictions, as warning that these...

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Cell Phone Lie Detector

New cell phones can send messages and take photos. Now for $35, your cell phone can become a lie detector too. The Truster, Emotion Reader TNF-100A, from 911Tech Co. judges the voice intonations of the people you're speaking to in order to determine their "emotional, cognitive, and physiological" states and can tell you whether or not they're...

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New Controversy Over Cellphone Radiation

Scientists can?t seem to decide whether cellphones are safeor not. Now Dariusz Leszczynski at the Radiation and NuclearSafety Authority in Finland has found that one hour ofexposure to cellphone radiation caused cultured human cellsto shrink. The blood-brain barrier normally preventsunwanted molecules from entering the brain, but...

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Block That Cellphone!

Complaints about cellphones have gone from possible radiation dangers to the annoyance of hearing people?s private conversations everywhere you go. Ever wish you could block the cellphone of the person chattering away next to you? Soon you may be able to eat and go to the movies in buildings lined with magnetic wood that absorbs microwave radio...

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New Cellphones: Thin, Wind-Up, Used as Bugs

Your next cellphone may not look anything like the one you have now?no matter which phone service you use. A new cellphone will be available soon that?s as thin as a piece of paper?so thin, you can keep it in your wallet next to your credit cards.

Designer Stephen Forshaw has developed a thin phone that?s stuck onto a piece of paper. The...

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Shut Up!

The world?s first lip-reading cellphone is being developed by researchers at Japanese cellphone maker NTT DoCoMo. All callers will have to do is mouth their words silently, and the phone will convert them to speech or text. This could put an end to having to listen to the personal details of other people?s conversations in subways, restaurants...

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Cellphone Wargames

Michael Stroud reports in that in Scandinavia people have found a new use for their cellphones: playing wargames. A taxi driver in Stockholm with the alias of Taxi31 spends his free time between passengers shooting people. In Copenhagen, street battles are constantly taking place between dozens of young men with cellphones as their...

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Cellphones Harm Worms?What Do They Do to Us?

The safety of cellphones is in question following the discovery that their emissions have an unexpected effect on living creatures. This finding refutes the theory that heating from mobile phone signals is their only threat to brain cells.

In lab tests, British scientists have found that microwave emissions typical of cellphones make a...

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Cellphones Dangerous for Kids

Scientists have discovered that a cellphone call lasting just two minutes can alter the natural electrical activity of a child?s brain for up to an hour afterwards. They have also found for the first time how radio waves from mobile phones penetrate deep into the brain and don?t just center around the ear.

The study by Spanish...

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Identify Music With Your Cellphone

When you hear a song you like on the radio, but the DJ doesn?t identify it, the researchers at Philips have come up with a new service that will get you the name of it. While the music is playing, you dial the number of the service provider and place your cellphone near the radio or TV speaker. A computer system analyses the music and compares...

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