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Prehistoric Cancer

Your genes are prehistoric and cancer is too. This disease is often blamed on modern pollution, but a new discovery of ancient royal burial site in Russia reveals that...
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Why Stress is So Serious

Stress can make you fat, and it can do a lot WORSE things too--it can make your cancer spread faster. Chronic stress acts as a sort of fertilizer that feeds the spread of breast cancer. Researchers have discovered that stress is biologically reprogramming the immune cells...
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Eat Vegetables to Prevent Cancer?

Well, yes and no - Sometimes things aren't they way they seem to be. For instance, we used to be told that diets full of fruits and vegetables will protect us from cancer, but researchers no longer think that's true. Does this mean we should forget about eating a healthy diet?

Not if you want to avoid Alzheimer's:...

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Cancer: Can Garlic Help?

And Vitamin D cheers you up when it's cold - A new study suggests that the more garlic people consume, the lower their chances of developing cancer. This should be a big boon to Italian restaurants! Meanwhile, if you're housebound because the snow and cold are getting you down, our great radio shows can help cheer you up! A...

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Drink Green Tea for Cancer

AND eat soy! - A lot of natural medicines turn out to be green and one of the best of these is green tea. The recession has something to do with this too: Green tea and soy are the types of foods that women consume who are not in the lowest socio-economic class, which is a group that tries to avoid sugar and processed foods....

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Mole Rats

What do they have to do with cancer? - In "Through the Looking Glass," written in 1871, Lewis Carroll gives his heroine Alice a ridiculous Victorian-style poem to memorize call "Jabberwocky." One of the lines in it is: "And the mome raths outgrabe." Did he mean MOLE RATS? It turns out these fascinating creatures, who live their...

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Moving Causes Cancer

In Latinos, anyway - Hispanics who move to the US have higher rates of cancer than their relatives who stay home. This may be due to under reporting in their home countries, but it's something that is concerning researchers who are searching desperately for some of the causes of this dreaded disease.

Miami researcher...

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Cancer School

Can a classroom give you cancer? If it contains radiation left over from 100-year-old scientific experiments, it can.

Ernest Rutherford was the first scientist to split the atom?and he may have been indirectly responsible for killing 4 people at a university in the UK.

The building was never tested for radiation and in 1972 it...

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Finally: A Cancer Cure?

It helps to eat the right foods! - Scientists are about to embark on a human trial to test whether a new cancer treatment will be as effective at eradicating cancer in humans as it has proven to be in mice. The treatment will involve transfusing specific white blood cells, called granulocytes, into patients with advanced forms...

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Does Sunlight Cancel Cancer?

Researchers have found a link between a lack of exposure to sunlight, specifically ultraviolet B (UVB), and breast cancer. UVB exposure helps create vitamin D3 in the body, which can you can also get from your diet and from supplements, if you don't have enough chances to get out in the sun. But vitamins may be BAD for you.

Science Daily...

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One Family Brought It All

As many of you know, Anne and Whitley recently experienced the death of a friend from colon cancer. It turns out that a married couple who sailed from England to America around 1630 may be the ancestors of hundreds of people alive today who are at risk for a hereditary form of colon cancer that may contribute to a significant percentage of...

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The Night Shift is Safe

Four years ago, we reported that women who worked the night shift seem to get more breast cancer. It will now be a relief to many workers to learn that a new study shows that working nights DOES NOT promote cancer.

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How to Eat to Avoid Cancer

To avoid Alzheimer's, eat like an Italian. This can help prevent cancer too! And an apple a day?or at least an apple PEEL a day?may help keep cancer away.

Researchers have identified a dozen compounds in apple peel that either inhibit or kill cancer cells in laboratory cultures. Food science researcher Rui Hai Liu says, "We found that...

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We May Have a Cure for Cancer

Almost all of us have lost friends and parents to cancer. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy can prolong a patient's life, but now there's hope for a real CURE to this dreaded disease.

Scientists have learned how to create stem cells from human fat and turn them into "suicide genes" that seek out and destroy tumors like tiny homing...

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Another Good Reason to Lose Weight

We know that smoking leads to cancer, but bad behavior in general?eating too much and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol?can bring on that dreaded disease as well.

In the Independent, Sadie Gray writes that obesity is getting so common in the UK that it has become a "cancer time bomb." She writes that, ?Research has shown up to 40% of...

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Finally Winning the Fight

The war against cancer may finally be won. Scientists have discovered a cheap and simple drug that kills almost all cancers by switching off their immortality. And it's a drug that has ALREADY been used for years, so doctors know it's safe. Other researchers are trying to use one deadly disease against another?HIV cells to kill cancer.


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Are Brain Tumors Contagious?

Cancer is becoming less of mystery than it once was. For instance, researchers now know that there is a genetic predisposition for certain types of breast cancer. Now they've discovered that how many brothers and sisters you have, especially younger ones, could predict your chances of developing a brain tumor, because brain tumors may be "...

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Cancer: How to Avoid It & What to Do if You Get It

Personal choices, such as smoking and consumption of fatty foods, have long been linked to increased cancer risk. According to researchers in Seattle, exercising six days a week reduces the risk of colon cancer in men. Another study shows that women who eat flame-broiled foods more than twice a month may be at increased risk of breast cancer...

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Pill to Stop the Spread of Cancer

We've reported in the past that cancer has eternal life. Now there may be a pill that prevents its spread, which is what usually kills people who contract the disease.

A chemically altered form of vitamin E mixed into mouse chow dramatically reduced spread of aggressive mammary cancer in mice, suggesting that this could be used to treat...

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Braveheart & Broccoli

In the movie Braveheart, Mel Gibson led a group of Scottish warriors who painted their faces blue. Now it turns out they may have known what they were doing: the blue dye they used contains a powerful breast cancer-fighting substance called woad, which belongs to the same family as broccoli and cauliflower (which are also good cancer...

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Devastating Male Disease Traced to Corn

We've recently written about the surprising evils of corn. Now it turns out that, along with baby bottles, corn may be at least partly responsible for the terrible epidemic of prostate cancer now sweeping the Western world.

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Why a Cancer Prevention Cannot be Used

Scientists are desperately searching for cures for cancer. Despite some breakthroughs, they are making a lot less progress than they'd hoped. Cervical cancer is a diseasewith few symptoms. If there was a vaccine that could prevent cervical cancer in women, wouldn't you assume this country would embrace it with great joy? There IS such a vaccine...

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Why Asians Get So Old & Wise

They drink green tea! Researcher have discovered that a major ingredient in green tea prevents cancer and Alzheimer's disease. China and other Asian countries, where the most green tea is consumed, are well known for paying attention to the wisdom of their elders.

Researchers at the University of South Florida have found that green tea...

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Finally: A Cure for Cancer?

Newswise - Medical researchers say a medicine called Revlimid, which isnot yet on the market, may be a cure for somecancers, and may lead to cures for more, especially if themechanism by which it works can be understood. Doctors whoused it to treat a common form of leukemia discovered thatthe substance actually cured the cancer...

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Heading for the Beach? Pack Your Antioxidants!

Newswise - Due to increased solar activity and the thinning of theozone layer, the deadly skin cancermelanoma isbeing seen more frequently in children. Despite theavailability of sunscreens, skin cancer in general is on therise. A group of chemists have discovered that adding amixture of antioxidants to sunscreen enhances its...

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Genes Explain Why Asians Get Less Breast Cancer

Newswise - It's long been known that Asian women have less breastcancer, and when they do develop the disease, they livelonger than other women. No one knew whether this was due totheir lifestyles or their genes. Now it's been discoveredthat Asian women living in England and Wales have a muchlower risk of breast cancer than...

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Cancer has Eternal Life

We recently explained that aging and death are caused by the fact that the ends of our cells, called telomeres, shorten every time the cell divides. But there is one kind of cell that has the secret of eternal life: cancer cells. If we could learn how they live forever, unless killed by chemotherapy or radiation, we might be able to figure out...

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Do Deodorants Cause Breast Cancer?

Chemical preservatives from underarm deodorants have been found in breast cancer tumors. Researcher Philip Harvey says, "From this research it is not possible to say whether parabens actually caused these tumors, but they may certainly be associated with the overall rise in breast cancer cases."

Biologist Philippa Darbre says, "?These...

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Childhood Cancer Caused by Infection

A common infection could be the cause of the mysterious brain and lymphatic cancers that kill young children. Scientists have discovered that childhood cancer cases cluster together in a way that suggests that this is the origin. And how do adults who survived childhood cancer feel about their lives today?

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New Cancer Protection: Pizza

Italian researchers say eating pizza can protect against cancer. This is certainly more palatable than the latestcure from Thailand. They say eating pizza regularly reduces the risk of developing cancer of the esophagus by 59%. Colon cancer fell by 26% and mouth cancer by 34% among pizza eaters.

The reason could be the lycopene, the...

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