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Your Boss isn't Just Smart, He's LUCKY

We should stop praising the world's top CEOs because a new study by a business journal shows that they are not as good as everyone thinks they are--they're LUCKY!

In the June 25th edition of the Financial Times, Lucy Kellaway writes: "Take Bill Gates. Had he not come from a well-off family--making it easy for him to indulge his...
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Need to Make a Big Decision?

Don't do it alone! - When it comes to making decisions, a new study shows that two heads are better than one, but ONLY if both partners are equally competent and feel free to discuss their disagreements, meaning you should discuss the problem with a colleague rather than an underling. After all, it was a GROUP of volunteers who...

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Segregation in the Business World

An all-white future? - We all know about segregation in elementary and high schools, but segregation in BUSINESS SCHOOLS can affect the way the US will look in the future. When you walk into an office, will it be an all-white world?

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