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Halloween Week on Unknown Country: Why We Should Still Be Creatures of the Night

Halloween, the time when we lure strangely-clad strangers to our homes by lighting lanterns in our windows, and offering them food and welcome at our doors.

This tradition is firmly associated with the celebration of ghosties and ghoulies and long-legged beasties and things that go bump in the night, but does it also fulfil some deep...
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Now Scientists are Being Gagged in Canada Too

NASA Scientists have been gagged in the US in the past--now Canadian scientists are complaining that their vital research on health and environment issues is being suppressed.

On BBC News, Pallab Ghosh quotes university scientist Thomas Pedersen as...
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State of the Union Speech: Watch How Bush Moves!

A certified movement analyst is going to be watching President Bush's State of the Union speech in a special way. Karen Kohn Bradley says, "It is important for reporters and analysts to utilize the tools of nonverbal communication and body language in assessing the messages the American population receives from the White House, candidates and...

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Planned Bush Land Purchase in Paraguay

There are rumors circulating in Latin America that the Bushfamily plans to purchase 98,000 acres of land inParaguay. It has been reported that the president'sdaughter, Jenna Bush, is involved with the purchase and maybe the owner of the land.

The land purchase is near the triple border betweenParaguay, Brazil and Argentina, and stands...

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Have the Crazies Gone Crazy, or Is It True?

Speculation about the investigation of Federal ProsecutorPatrick Fitzgerald into the Valerie Plame affair has reacheda fever pitch in the conspiracy community, along with claimsthat there will be a terrorist attack staged in the UnitedStates in August to deflect public attention from theactivities of the Chicago Grand Jury. Whether or not any...

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Bush Rumors Sweep Financial Markets

Beginning on Wednesday, June 5, rumors started circulating in financial markets worldwide that the Bush Administration is about to be devastated by disclosures concerning both its involvement with Enron and foreknowledge of 911.

On June 4, the Administration unwillingly gave the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee 2,000 subpoenead...

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Jeb Bush Attacks Florida Vote Report

The New York Times reported today that Governor Jeb Bush of Florida attacked a report the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights as ?intellectually dishonest.? The report stated thatthousands for Floridians were deprived of the chance to vote in the Presidential election by outdated equipment, improper purging of voter rolls, language barriers and...

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