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Obama Descended from America's First Slave

Barack Obama is descended from the first person ever enslaved in the American colonies--an indentured servant who attempted to escape his indenture and was then enslaved for life. Not only that, this ancestor is distaff--on his mother's side--the white side of his family.

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Did US Blacks Evolve Due to Harshness of Slavery?

American blacks searching for their African roots are finding it's not so easy. In the January 27th edition of the New York Times, Edward Rothstein says, "The astounding thing about American slavery is...
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American Indians Kept Black Slaves

We tend to think of both Native Americans and African Americans as cultural and ethnic groups who have been treated badly by history. But one thing most people DON'T know is that Indians once kept SLAVES. Now the freedmen who...
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More Mixed Race Marriages Than Ever

A new study of interracial marriages in the United States since the 1980s suggests that the racial boundary between blacks and whites continues to break down--but is not yet close to disappearing. And sociologists...
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Why Macho Men Have Bad Health

Whether they see themselves as tough or just self-reliant, men are less likely than women to seek routine, preventive medical care, like blood pressure and cholesterol screenings. Black men are even worse about this than whites--but for a DIFFERENT reason. This could be one of the reasons that women (in both races) tend to live longer than men....
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Blacks Get Different Diseases

While health care is being debated by a black president and a mostly white congress, it's interesting to note something that may not be "PC," but is true nevertheless: blacks and whites get different diseases, even here in the US where the lineage of African-Americans is so racially mixed.

For years, scientists have tried to determine...

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Black Taste Buds

In honor of the inauguration of the first black President, when many banquets and parties will be held (as well as Martin Luther King Day), we present the following information: we know that Blacks have different immune systems from Whites, now it turns out they have different taste buds too.

It turns out that people of African ancestry...

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Why are Blacks Less Healthy Than Whites?

With Obama's win, race is on all of our minds. It's a fact that African-Americans have more health problems than whites. Is this due to genes, or environment pressures?or both? It could also be at least partly due to the fact that minorities get fewer diagnostic medical tests done.

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Your Immune System is Racial

Differences in genes between people of European versus African ancestry can affect how each group responds to certain drugs or fights off specific infections. In other words, your race partly determines how effective your immune system is. We know that stress kills because it promotes heart disease. Scientists are now saying it may kill another...

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Blacks Invisible in Our Society

Newswise - Psychologists and media experts say that African Americans are still nearly invisible in many parts of the news media and the entertainment industry. The media often ignores African Americans, as both victims and heroes, in books, movies and TV shows, even when they are an major part of the story.


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