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British Company Produces "Alien" Black Material

The unseen is always mysterious, but a British company has now developed the "un-seeable", a black material that is so dense it is totally incomprehensible to the human eye.

The new record-breaking "alien" fabric is 10,000 times thinner than a human hair, and absorbs all visual light bar an infinitesimal 0.035 per...
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More Blacks Than Whites Die from Skin Cancer

Those of us who are Caucasian may not realize that black people DO tan. But until recently, even scientists didn't realize that they are even MORE LIKELY to die from skin cancer than the rest of us. The melanin that makes their skin dark does not protect them. Researcher Hugh Gloster says, "There's a perception that people with darker skin don'...

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Looking Too Black

Black people complain of being of being stopped for "DWB" (driving while black). Law enforcement people dispute these claims. But it turns out that when the victims are white, jurors are more likely to hand down death sentences to defendants with stereotypically black features.

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