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Is Bigfoot in England, Too?

While Sasquatch sightings are traditionally reported in North America, it turns out that the elusive humanoid crops up in England, too. Earlier this month, Caroline Toms was walking her dog through Angmering Park Estate in Sussex, England, when the border collie started barking and took off into the woods. It was then that Toms saw what she...
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Mystery Howls Prompt Bigfoot Investigation

The residents of a community on the north end of Vancouver Island in Canada are being haunted by mysterious howls coming from the woods, of which are also accompanied by sightings of the elusive creature known as Sasquatch, or Bigfoot.

At night, the residents of the community of Alert Bay, on Cormorant Island, British Columbia, have...
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Weekender: Strong New Yeti Evidence from Russia

In the summer of 1850 hunters in the Caucasus encountered a strange creature running naked and six and a half feet tall. They chased it down and captured it, returning it to T'khina. At first, she was violent, but she soon became used to domestic life. She was called Zana and was able to do simple household chores. She became a servant in an...
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Bigfoot or Bear?

Mystery Decomposing Foot--Bigfoot or Bear?

A decomposing foot was found in the woods near Quincy, Massachusetts by two boys, who collected it and brought it home. Police were informed, and it was determined by the local medical examiner that the foot was not human. Although it had five toes, it was far too large to be a human food. This has led to speculation that it could be remains...
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Best Way to Search for Bigfoot: by Blimp!

Many have tried to locate Bigfoot ON foot, looking and listening for him (NOTE: Subscribers may not be able to hear Bigfoot, but they can still listen to this...
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Can Bigfoot be Real?

A team of scientists can verify that their 5-year long DNA study CONFIRMS the existence of a the hominin hybrid species living in North America that is commonly called "Bigfoot" or...
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DNA May Prove Bigfoot Exists

DNA analysis may solve one of the world's biggest mysteries (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show)--...
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A REALLY BIG Footprint...

...could even be a Sasquatch - Is it a footprint of Sasquatch?or an extraordinarily LARGE prehistoric person? An amateur archeologist found a huge fossil footprint on his Tennessee property that has made him a Bigfoot believer.

In, Dennis Ferrier quotes Harold Jackson as saying, "I don't know anything about...

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Bigfoot Mystery May NOT Soon be Solved

NEW Update: Press release & description of press conference - We recently wrote about some Yeti (Bigfoot) hair that has been found and will soon be analyzed. Now two mensay they found a Bigfoot BODY in the Georgia woods and claim they can get DNA evidence from it. They held a press conference about their find in Palo Alto,...

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Bigfoot Hair Analyzed

In India and Indonesia, Bigfoot, the creature also known as Sasquatch or the Abominable Snowman, is called the Yeti. Some hairs that researchers say belonged to a Yeti have been examined and bear a "startling resemblance" to similar hairs collected by explorer Edmund Hillary, who, in 1953, was the first person to climb to the top of Mount...

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Possible Bigfoot Photos from Pennsylvania

If this as yet unidentified primate photographed in Pennsylvania on September 17 is indeed Bigfoot, these would be among the best photographs of the elusive animal ever taken. This will be Linda Howe's report on Dreamland this week, along with an interview by Jeff Meldrum, who was on last week's Dreamland show! To see the photos, click here....

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Bigfoot Shows Up in Wisconsin

A Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources contractor has reported a close encounter with a "large, black furry figure" that reached into the back of his truck and removed a deer carcass. He is contracted to remove road killed deer. The only known animal fitting the description of an animal at least 7 feet tall would be a gorilla or a grizzly...

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Bigfoot Spotted in the Midwest

Chicago TV news reports that cryptozoologists are tracking a Bigfoot that has been seen around central Illinois.

ABC 7 says that Tom Biscaridi has taken a film crew along on the hunt. He has brought a hand along that he thinks could have come from a Bigfoot. This is not the first time that a Bigfoot paw has been discovered. To see the...

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Have You Ever Seen Bigfoot?

If so, please send a sketch of what you saw to cryptozoology researcher Loren Coleman.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Bigfoot Emergency Call?

An reader has sent us a recording of a911 emergency call from the Pacific Northwest that soundsvery much like thecaller is in the process of witnessing a bigfoot in his backyard. The call originated on the Kitsap Penninsula inWashington State in the 1990s. You can learn more from theBigfoot Research Organization.


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Serious Search for the Yeti

Two amateur explorers want to prove the existence of theIndonesia?s Yeti by capturing one on film. Three years ago,they found a footprint and hairs which were analyzed byscientists and found not to belong to any known species.

David Green writes in that the Yeti, also knownas the Little Man of the Forest and the orang pendek...

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Bigfoot Spotted in the Yukon, Hiding in Sumatra

In the Yukon village of Teslin, Bigfoot has been seen at a construction site near the airport. Conservation Officer Dave Bakica says the two people who saw it "claim they thought it was a person standing beside the road, but couldn't tell from all the dust. By the time they turned around to look back they said this person was completely covered...

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More Bigfoot Fakery?

First there was the Ray Wallace hoax, where Wallace left information, to be released after his death, that he faked a set of famous Bigfoot prints. Now Bob Heironimus says he played the role of Bigfoot in the notorious film made by the late Roger Patterson. Heironimus says, "It's time people knew it was a hoax."

Richard Leiby writes in...

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Indian Tribes Familiar with Bigfoot

Indian tribes in North Dakota and Pennsylvania are familiar with Bigfoot. Paul Danks, administrator for the Three Affiliated Tribes, is tracking Bigfoot sightings on a map. And along with deer and other wild critters, Bigfoot has been seen roaming the suburbs of Bucks County.

Eloise Ogden writes in the Minot (North Dakota) Daily News...

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Search for Crypto Creatures Still Going On

Researcher Charles Goldman is an expert on "Tessie," the deep sea creature that reportedly lives in Lake Tahoe. He's now working with Robert Rains, who used sonar in the 1970s to take strobed light photographs of "Nessie," that show a humped creature 20 to 30 feet long. In Mexico, citizens and police are hunting for a "Wolfwoman."

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Bigfoot Sightings in California

In September, Alex Rommel, age 12, saw a Bigfoot with his sister, Sarah, 13, in Hiouchi, California. Also, two men reported seeing Bigfoot in Klamath around the same time. The Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) says that Del Norte County has more reported Bigfoot encounters per square mile than anywhere else in the world. It's also the...

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Yeti Paw Found in Siberia

Siberian scientists have found the well-preserved furry limb of a mysterious creature that might be the legendary Yeti. The paw was found frozen in permafrost, high up in the remote Altay mountains. Like the Alps, the Altays are becoming warmer and melting, exposing the preserved bodies of frozen people and animals.

"I turned the limb...

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Bigfoot or Gorilla Suit?

After Ray Dufresne spotted a Bigfoot in Bennington, Vermont, three more people admitted they saw the same thing. One of them, Doug Dorst, was driving on Route 7 when he saw what he thought was a "homeless dude with a war wound in a snowsuit."

Sadelle Wiltshire and Ann Mrowicki saw the same creature. "It was the weirdest thing," says...

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Forensic Expert Says Bigfoot's Real

Forensic expert Jimmy Chilcutt, of the Conroe Police Department in Texas, says he has strong evidence that Bigfoot exists. Scientific debate about whether or not he's real hasn't stopped Bigfoot from being spotted in Argentina.

Chilcutt, who specializes in finger and footprints, says the 6 Bigfoot footprints that have been found are...

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Yeti?or Meti?

Mountaineer Matako Nabuka says there is no Yeti?only the Meti, which is a big brown bear. Despite this, Yeti and his cousin Bigfoot continue to be seen all over the world, including Vermont.

Daniel Lak writes in BBC News Online that Nabuka spent 12 years in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan looking for the Yeti. He now thinks Yetis are actually...

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Mysterious Creatures All Around Us

People see monsters all over the world. William Dranginis of Virginia became obsessed with Bigfoot when he spotted one in 1995. People in Canada have seen a strange little creature that could be an alien?except it likes to eat chickens. And the Irish claim to have their own version of Nessie.

Donnie Johnston writes in

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Bigfoot Spotted in China & Tennessee

A Bigfoot sighting has been reported in a forests in central China, where legends say the creatures live. It was seen by six people, including a journalist. Another one was spotted in Tennessee. A Bigfoot researcher, speaking at a conference nearby, was able to make a cast of the its footprint.

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Bigfoot Tracks Found in Canada

In British Columbia, Francis Joe found a trail of huge 15 inch footprints in his strawberry field on the reservation where he lives. He thinks they belong to the legendary creature the Cowichan people call Thumquas. He says, "That's not the tracks of an ordinary human."

He heard his dogs barking, but didn't pay any attention to them...

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Bigfoot Sighted in Canada

Bigfoot has been spotted in Rae Lakes, a small, isolated community in the Northwest Territories of Canada. John Bernard Bourne moved there three years ago from Ontario to teach a group of indigenous people called the Dogribs. As he listened to the local lore, he noticed stories about the Bushman?a tall, hairy creature who lurks in the bush...

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Bigfoot Prints in Colorado

While some Bigfoot prints have been faked, not all of them are. Trevor Denny is one of the people who has seen and photographed a Bigfoot footprint. He was hiking with his dog on the Mesa Cortina trail in Colorado when he noticed several footprints on the trail. The largest measured 12 to 13 inches in length, and they looked human, with five...

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