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Are Flirts More Successful?

We want more women in government and business--maybe because they have a "special weapon" that men don't have. Does Hillary Clinton flirt?

Business school professor Laura Kray says, "...
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Unintended Botox Effects

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to do something about your facial lines and wrinkles, be warned: It turns out that muscle-freezing Botox injections not only stay with you, they MIGRATE and affect muscles that you might not effected--it makes them TWITCH...
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What is Beauty?

When it comes to romance, are good looks more important to you than anything else??Only if you're good looking yourself! In, Jeanna Bryner quotes behaviorist Dan Ariely as saying, "Beautiful people marry beautiful people and less beautiful people marry less beautiful people." And what do people who aren't terribly good looking...

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