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The Eyes Have It: New Diagnosis tool for Mental Illness

The power of the eye has always fascinated man, who has declared since ancient times that these enigmatic visual organs are "the mirrors of our soul". The latest developments in psychiatry may now add some weight to this concept, as a recent research study has indicated that the eye may hold the key to the diagnosis of severe mental...
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Mysteries of Autism Revealed

Autism is a mysterious and complex disorder, the causes of which are, as yet, unknown. A new study published recently in the journal Nature may have found clues for early diagnosis which could allow doctors to halt or slow down progress of the condition.
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Prodigies May be Autistic

A new study of 8 child prodigies suggests a possible link between these children's special skills and autism. Of the prodigies studied, 3 had a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

In addition, half of the prodigies had a family member or a first- or second-degree...
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Autism: Caused by Plastic?

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Autism May Happen Because We're Too Clean

Autism may be caused by sperm degeneration in older dads, but it could ALSO be caused by a weakened immune system in the mother. Modern immune systems are less efficient than those in the past. Why?...
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The Mystery of Autism Finally SOLVED

After all the controversy over the possible causes of the plague of autism in the West, a new study has finally revealed that older men are more likely to father a child who develops autism (or schizophrenia) because of random sperm mutations that become more numerous with advancing paternal age, and we live in an age of divorce, where men often...
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Is Autism an Advantage in the Modern World?

Autism seems to be more widespread that ever--unless statistics are wrong: a new study show that the rate of autism has risen 23% in the last two years, with one in 88 children affected. Could there be a REASON behind this? Scientists studying the problem have begun to find some advantages to being autistic.

In the Wall Street...
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It's Now Against the Law to be a Kid

More and more US schools have their own police forces. Pupils are being arrested for throwing paper planes and failing to pick up crumbs from the cafeteria floor. The state has taken over discipline from the classroom teacher and is now criminalizing normal childhood...
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Autism: Still a Mystery

But we're learning more - Scientists have determined that people often look like their dogs, now a canine chromosome explains why they sometimes ACT like them too. This chromosome, which confers a high risk of the person who has it developing a compulsive disorder, may be linked to both human autism and dogs. Researchers are...

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Vaccines Probably not Autism Cause

Sometimes bad things happen, but here's something GOOD to know now that more of the Swine Flu vaccine is finally being released: A recent study published in a peer-reviewed journal found that 2 to 5 year old children diagnosed with autism or autism spectrum disorders had blood mercury levels similar to those oftypically developing control...

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Austism: The Latest

The bad news: there are lots more autistics out there than we thought, because the kids with mild versions of this disease often slip through the cracks. The good news: most of them (in Utah, anyway) are functioning just fine as adults. And "Rain Man" savant type skills, such as astounding memory, perfect pitch or the ability to multiply very...

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Gene Clash

Researchers think that brain disorders such as autism and schizophrenia are the result of a clash of incompatible genes between the mother and the father.

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Autism Somehow Connected to Rain

This theory is based on a comparison of autism with the weather records from three West Coast states: California, Oregon and Washington State. Researchers found that rates of autism were higher in children who lived in states where it rained a lot during their first 3 years.

How can this be? Since we suspect that autism is caused by a...

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Maybe We Can TURN OFF Autism

Our brains are constantly trying to stay in balance?between too much and too little nerve activity. When they become unbalanced, this leads to disorders like schizophrenia and autism. If we could just find that neuron "switch," maybe we could turn it off.

In the Scientific American website, Susannah F. Locke quotes neurobiologist Michael...

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Heavy Metal Pollution Creates Autism

...And May Affect Adults as Well! - US researchers studying hospital records in Sweden have discovered that parents of children with autism were roughly twice as likely to have been hospitalized for a mental disorder, such as schizophrenia, than parents of other children. Doctors know that autism is genetic, although it is...

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Autism Breakthrough

The rise in autism levels may well be due to heavy metals from POWER PLANTS - How do mercury emissions affect pregnant mothers, the unborn and toddlers? Do the level of emissions impact autism rates? Does it matter whether a mercury-emitting source is 10 miles away from families versus 20 miles? A new study shows that the risk of...
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PROOF Genes May Be Autism Trigger

Autism is believed to be a disease that is triggered when genetically susceptible children are exposed to an unknown toxin. This was originally thought to be the mercury in thimerisol vaccine preservatives, but autism rates have continued to rise, even though thimerisol and mercury have been largely phased out as vaccine preservatives. Now...

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Autism IS Caused by Vaccines--in Some Cases

Autism is mysterious, because we know that its cause is partly environmental and partly genetic, but it's hard to pinpoint each part of the puzzle. Researchers have used the age when a child speaks his first word as a tool for identifying a new gene linked to autism. And the question of whether vaccines cause the condition just won't go away....

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Autism: Big Breakthrough

The mercury-containing preservative thimerosal has been eliminated from most childhood vaccines, but autism cases have continued to increase, providing evidence that vaccines are not the cause. Fevers?especially high fevers?can damage the brain, but the behavior of children with autism may IMPROVE during a fever, giving researchers a clue to...

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Can Autism be Reversed?

Can autism be reversed? Scientists have done this in mice by manipulating genes?in the future, they may be able to help children this way as well.

BBC News reports that symptoms of mental retardation and autism have been reversed for the first time in laboratory mice that were genetically engineered to have a predilection for these...

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Autism Epidemic--What Can We Do?

Autism has become epidemic in the US and the rest of the world as well. One in 150 children in the United States has been diagnosed with this condition. In Wisconsin alone, a new survey reports that approximately 5 out of every 1,000 Wisconsin children born in 1994 display symptoms of autism. The alarming numbers continue to climb. Researchers...

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Face Blindness

You have trouble remembering names (hint: say the name out loud as part of the greeting to the new person you're meeting). The humorist Dave Barry suggests that everyone should be required to wear nametags at all times. But there are some people who have it even worse: They can't recognize FACES. This affects a surprisingly large number of...

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Insight: Deadly Immunity

Here on, we report regularly on the epidemic of autism in children and the scientists who are trying to find out the cause of this heartbreaking condition. We recently reported a devastating story about researchers who say this is a condition caused by the genetic susceptibility of some children to heavy metal pollution. This...

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Autism Caused by Pollution

There has been a raging controversy during the last fewyears about whether the mercury preservative in childhoodvaccines is the cause of autism, which is reaching epidemiclevels in the West. Some insist it is, while others say thatit only seems that way, because autism begins to manifestaround the age that children receive their vaccinations.It...

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Artist Emerges from Criminal Mind

Scientists who study idiot-savants, people who are autistic but geniuses in one particular area, think that brain damage in one part of the brain causes other parts to become much more developed than normal. Can a stroke affect the brain the same way?

Tommy McHugh suffered a stroke three years ago. Before then, he had no interest in art...

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Mercury in Vaccines DOES Lead to Autism

A fierce fight has been going on for years between the parents of autistic kids and the government and pharmaceutical industry about whether or not the mercury used as a preservative in vaccines causes autism. Over the past 20 years, there has been a huge increase in the number of autistic children, which has led to a lawsuit that parents have...

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Michelangelo May Have Been Autistic

The artist Michelangelo may have had a form of autism called Asperger's Syndrome, and Albert Einstein, Socrates and Jane Austen may have had it too. Psychiatrists describe Michelangelo as "strange, without affect, and isolated" and "preoccupied with his own private reality." Other potential Asperger's cases are Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton,...

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Autism May be "Extreme Maleness"

New research shows that autism may be linked to male hormones circulating in the developing fetus, and babies who produce high levels of testosterone are more likely to be autistic. It's an affliction that mostly shows up in males. This has led to the theory that autism is an exaggerated form of the way ordinary men think and behave. Researcher...

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Were Some of our Greatest Scientists Autistic?

Author Michael Fitzgerald says that Socrates, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein may have had a form of autism called Asperger's syndrome. Artists and writers such as Andy Warhol, Lewis Carroll and the poet W.B. Yeats may have had it as well.

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You Too Can be a Savant

In the June 22nd Sunday New York Times, Lawrence Osborne writes about Australian researcher Allan Snyder, who has developed the Medtronic Mag Pro. When you wear it on your head, it turns you into a savant. Scientists have always been puzzled by savants?retarded or autistic people who are geniuses in one area, like math or calculating dates....

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