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Our Olympic Athletes Should Go Bananas

Athletes: Forget the Human Growth Hormone--go BANANAS. In the past, we've told you that chocolate milk is a better energy builder for athletes than the sports drinks they imbibe. But now...
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Don't Exercise, Tweak Your Genes

In the future, you may be able to forgo exercise and still stay healthy, by having your genes tweaked instead. By tweaking a single gene, scientists have mimicked in sedentary mice the heart-strengthening effects of two weeks of endurance...
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Athletes Bigger Than Ever

Due to doping? We soon won't be able to find out - Athletic superstars, in all sports, are getting bigger and bigger. And if they take drugs to increase their muscle size and strength, it will may become impossible to catch them at it in the future. A physician who recommended 25 years ago that Olympic athletes be tested for...

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Athletes Becoming Nonhuman

When thinking about the upcoming Oympics, it?s worth noting that athletes are using drugs and medical techniques in order to beat former world records to the extent that some of them are becoming almost nonhuman. Scientists are starting to think about what kinds of medical intervention athletes may undergo in the future.

We may be...

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