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Learning Secrets from an Ancient Brain

Archeologists in the UK recently made a surprising discovery: a 2,500 year old human skull, which they think belonged to a man between 26 and 45 years old. Finding human bones is no surprise--it's what was INSIDE the skull that was so surprising: a brain. What...
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New Tool Digs into the Past

Google Earth may soon replace shovels as the main tool that archeologists use to dig into the past (NOTE: Subscribers can still...
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Amazing Discoveries Underground

There is exciting news in archeology lately, including a prehistoric city that has been discovered underneath the English Channel and 8-million-year-old tree trunks that have been found in a Hungarian coal mine.

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An Ancient Place of Mystery

Author and explorer Graham Hancock has tirelessly explored ancient culture, and has learned that ancient cultures made some important discoveries that even our modern science does not know about yet. This week on Dreamland, he talks about the meanings of ancient art in prehistoric caves. One of the world's oldest buildings, filled with art, has...

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Amazing Travel in Early Times

We recently wrote about how some modern miseries aren't so modern after all. But good things happened in the past, as well. The oldest remains of a seafaring ship ever found has just been discovered in a cave in Egypt.

Florida archeologist Cheryl Ward found wooden planks found in the manmade caves in Egypt that are about 4,000 years...

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Archeology Leads to War

An exclusive reports that many archeologists work in the midst of wars and sometimes they have even started wars.

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Archeology Keeps Secrets

Archeology is too exclusive and too commercial, and only benefits a limited circle of academics instead of the general public, according to Simon Thurley, the retiring director of the Museum of London.

Thurley says that property developers in London spent millions on archeological excavation over the past ten years, yet the vast...

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Ancient Pre-Inca Temple Found

On the National Geographic website, Bijal P. Trivedi reports on an NPR interview by Alex Chadwick of Charles ?Chip? Stanish, a UCLA archaeologist who is searching in the remote highlands of Peru for the lost temples of the Pukara, an ancient people that preceded the Inca by more than 2,500 years.

Stanish thinks that ancient Pukara was...

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