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Looking for Alien Life Forms? They Are Living Here On Earth...

Astronomers continue in their quest to discover alien life forms in the cosmos, but naturalists suggest that they should look closer to home as there is still a host of undiscovered species lurking on our own planet.

This month a species that has defied classification for thirty years has finally been named by scientists, though they...
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Catholic Church Opens Their Doors to Extra-Terrestrials

Religion has always been an emotive subject, and never more so than when introducing the idea of extra-terrestrial life to the devout. For some reason, most organised religions on the planet have rejected the idea of off-earth life forms as being somehow blasphemous.

Why God, who or whatever you believe Him to be, would exclude those...
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NASA Scientist Claims That Extra-Terrestrial Life Exists

A retired Astrobiologist who worked at NASA for 46 years has confirmed in a recent interview that alien life definitely exists.

In a recent interview with Lee Speigel of the Huffington Post (a recording of which accompanies this article), Richard Hoover described how, through his work with NASA and the Marshall Space Flight Center (...
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Weekender: Is Our Limited Understanding Preventing Us From Recognizing Alien Life Forms?

The search for extraterrestrial life has been an ongoing quest for decades, but finding alien life relies on our ability to recognize it.

Is there any guarantee that other life forms would manifest in a form that we would immediately be able to identify? Are we wrong to assume that all life must be derived from the same chemical...
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Scientists Declare "Life May Be Universal"

The romantic notion of "stardust" has inspired authors, poets and song-writers for decades, leading to a dictionary definition that describes it as "a magical or charismatic quality or feeling."

Despite its enchanting reputation, this seemingly mystical substance is not merely confined to the imagination but is a...
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Gone too FARS? News Of US-Alien-Hitler Liaison Causes Media Flurry

The world's media has been left bemused by bizarre allegations of alien global domination, purported to have been sourced from notorious whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Alleged UFO hoaxer “Sorcha Faal” published on his website,, a report that NSA Leaker Edward...
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Podesta has Expressed Interest in Revealing Truth about Alien Life

The truth is out there, and it seems that the man who is intent on revealing it has returned to the White House staff. Former chief of staff in the Clinton administration, John Podesta, has recently been appointed as President Obama's newest advisor, though his advice may prompt some rather interesting debates between himself and the President....
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We May Have Alien DNA

The answer to whether or not we are alone in the universe could be hidden inside every cell in our body.

Astrophysicists Vladimir I. Cherbak and Maxim A. Makukov are looking for an intelligent signal embedded in our genetic code that...
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Sirius Alien not Fetal Material, but 6-8 Years Old at Death

The 'Atacama Humanoid' featured in the documentary 'Sirius,' to be released on April 22, was not a fetus as has been suggested by many commentators, but was 6 to 8 years old, according to the team producing the film. According to a press release issued today by the Sirius team, a...
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Alien Technology Working in Our World

If we encountered alien technology far superior to our own, would we even realize what it was? Technology a million or more years in advance of ours would appear miraculous, just as an airplane or TV set would seem miraculous to prehistoric man.

Astrobiologist Paul Davis thinks that advanced technology might not even be made of...
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Alien Artifact Display in US Museum

Are museums starting to take UFOs seriously? The National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas has opened an exhibit titled "Area 51: Myth or Reality," which contains what they claim is an "authentic alien artifact" from a 1986 UFO crash in...
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Color Aids Search for Alien Life

NASA researchers are analyzing the light reflected by Earth--and other planets--to try to figure out which ones have conditions that might harbor life. The Earth shines with a blue light and stands out clearly among the other planets, "like a blue jay in a flock of seagulls....
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Alien Life

Right here on earth? - A scientist says there's no need to search in space for alien life, that it's right here on earth. Instead of a mission to Mars, he wants to launch a "mission to earth" to look for it.

Researcher Paul Davies thinks that strange, hitherto unknown forms of life may be lurking in toxic...
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Burnt Rubber Doll Mistaken for Alien

Citizens of Aracruz in Brazil were startled to see afireball cross the sky on the night of March 28. A few hourslater, the town was rocked by the discovery of what appearedto be a badly burned alien on one of the main streets.

Terra Noticias Populares reports that a police spokespersonsaid: "Many people were terrified, thinking that an...

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