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New Ice Age in Alaska

While most of the world is experiencing global warming, Alaska seems to be entering another ice age. Since 2000, temperatures in Alaska have dropped by 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit. When scientists looked at weather reports from 20 climate stations in that state that are operated by the National...
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It's Time to Test that Mysterious Mass

The mysterious Alaskan slime has been identified as eggs. A sample of the "goo" has been taken to a NOAA laboratory in Charleston, South Carolina for analysis. NOAA spokeswoman Julie Speegle says, "We'll probably find some clues, but we'll likely...
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Was Alaska Worth It?

Over 140 years ago, the US government overcame its miserly tendencies and purchased Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million in gold. It brought us Sarah Palin, which some would say was a good deal and others would say was not. But looked at from the perspective of dollars and cents, rather than politics and personalities, a new analysis by an...

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Global Warming: The Canary is Slowly Dying

We've written before that Alaska is the canary in the coal mine, because the effects of global warming are showing up there first. Now we?ve learned that over ten thousand Alaskan lakes have shrunk or dried up in the last half century.

Most of this is due to evaporation caused by global warming. In, Sara Goudarzi quotes...

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Volcano About to Blow in Alaska

We've written about how Alaska is the canary in the coal mine, since it's the place where the effects of global warming are showing up first. Now there is a new disaster in that beautiful state: a huge volcano is about to erupt, preceded by many miniature earthquakes.

The Augustine volcano hasn't erupted for a long time and it hasn't...

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Alaska Has Unique Accidents

Newswise - We've written before about how Alaska is the canary in the coal mine, when it comes to global warming. Another way that state is different: in Alaska, you are as likely to have a car accident from hitting (or swerving to avoid) moose as you are due to drinking alcohol.

40% of Alaska?s population lives outside...

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Threatened Alaskan Village Forecasts Future of Global Warming

BBC - Located at the edge of the arctic circle, the small Alaskanvillage of Shishmaref is being literally swallowed by thesea as annually rising waters encroach upon it. AtShishmaref the tide moves an average of 10 feet (3m) closereach year, damaging homes the Eskimos have occupied forgenerations and making the area...

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Alaska is Melting

In Alaska, they know that global warming is real, because the average temperature has risen about seven degrees over the last 30 years. No other state in the U.S. is experiencing a greater change in weather than Alaska, according to Senator Ted Stevens. He says, "Alaska is harder hit by global climate change than any place in the world."

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