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Bee Venom Kills AIDS

A new study show that bee venom can kill the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). While we don't recommend getting stung by bees as a preventative, this COULD be incorporated into a protective gel for women.

The secret is a toxin called melittin that's found in the venom.

In the Huffington Post, Cavan Sieczkowski quotes...
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The Kindest Cut Was Almost Banned

A US judge recently ruled that a proposal to ban circumcision of male infants in San Francisco should not be put to a referendum later this year. Meanwhile, in Africa--where there is a plague of heterosexual AIDS--grown men are being circumcised. An international study shows that among...
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Monkey Jump

Scientists have recently discovered a virus that killed a third of a monkey colony in a US laboratory AND jumped from the animals to a scientist, mimicking the way that HIV jumped from monkeys to man. Could this new virus spread out into nearby communities? The scientist who caught the...
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When it comes to evolution, scientists tell us that we mammals started out small and only got to be human (and human-sized) after the dinosaurs died out. And diseases have their own evolution: How did HIV (and the AIDS it leads to)...
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A New Use for Bananas

As a cure for AIDS? - A potent new inhibitor of HIV, derived from bananas, may open the door to new treatments to prevent sexual transmission of the disease. This could be especiallyimportant for Africa, where AIDS patients do not have access to costly drugs, but where bananas could be grown (We once thought this fruit was...

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Finally: A CURE for AIDS?

We all know the way to prevent AIDS, but will there ever by a cure? Amazingly enough, a cure that could replace the expensive drugs that patients now have to take for life might be right around the corner.

Like so many scientific discoveries, this one originally came about by "accident." There are several previous reports of patients...

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Where Did AIDS Come From?

We know how it spreads, but how did it start? - The arrival of Europeans to sub-Saharan Africa at the beginning of the 20th century may have also been the beginning of HIV. Researchers have now analyzed one of the earliest examples of the virus that has ever been found and traced it to the 1959 Democratic Republic of Congo.

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The AIDS Puzzle

Who gets it, who doesn't, and why? - AIDS experts have compelling evidence that some people live with HIV who for years and even decades show extremely low levels of the virus in their blood, never progressing to full-blown AIDS, and remain symptom free even without treatment. And now we think we know one more reason why some...

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Why Has AIDS Hit Africa So Hard?

AIDS is an epidemic in Africa, which has led to widespread speculation about people's sexual practices there. But it turns out that it's race that makes them so vulnerable to this disease!

A gene which evolved to protect people from Malaria increases their vulnerability to HIV by 40%. BBC News quotes researcher Robin Weiss as saying, "...

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The Kindest Cut (Part II)

We've explained why circumcision is the kindest cut: It helps to prevent AIDS. But what does it do to a man's sex life? Since there are plans to circumcise adult males in Africa, this is a major concern.

New Scientist reports that scientists don't yet have an answer to this touchy question.Canadian researcher Kimberley Payne compared the...

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The Kindest Cut

We don't yet have a cure for AIDS, although we now have medicines that can keep people alive for much longer. But we do have a prevention, and it turns out to be something that has been around for thousands of years: circumcision.

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Why Some People Have HIV but Don't Get AIDS

UPDATE - One thing that has long puzzled researchers is the small number of people who are infected with the HIV virus but don't come down with AIDS. UPDATE: New research breakthroughs may mean that soon, people with AIDS may be able to stave off the effects of the disease by taking regular doses of a protein that prevents...

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A Cure for AIDS?

Will there ever be a cure for AIDS? A British man may be the first person to recover after testing positive for HIV. A year later, the virus seems to have completely left his body. 25-year-old patient Andrew Stimpson says, "My doctor came into the room and kept saying, 'You've cured yourself, you're fantastic.' There was massive relief, but I...

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Croc Blood May Cure AIDS

Australian researchers are drawing blood from crocodiles because it contains an antibiotic so powerful, it may kill even the AIDS virus. A crocodile's immune system is incredibly efficient because these huge reptiles regularly engage in battles over territory that leave them wounded and even missing limbs. Despite this, crocs live a very long...

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A Virus That Prevents AIDS

It's been discovered that HIV patients who become infected with another, mysterious virus, are less likely to develop AIDS. The mystery virus is known only as GB virus C, and men whose blood shows they are infected with it are three times less likely to die of AIDS.

In New Scientist, Philip Cohen quotes researcher Roger Pomerantz as...

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Catholic Clerics Lie About Condoms

In countries which have the highest rates of HIV and AIDS, the Catholic Church has been telling people that latex condoms do not protect against the virus. Cardinals, bishops, priests and nuns are saying HIV can pass through tiny holes in condoms, which is not true. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned the Vatican that it?s putting...

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Deadly AIDS Combo

Dr. David Whitehouse writes in BBC News Online that AIDS arose from a combination of two chimpanzee viruses. Chimps could have had one form of SIV (the simian form of HIV), then eaten smaller monkeys, and caught another form of SIV from them. When humans ate the chimps, they contracted HIV from the combination of the two SIV viruses.

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African AIDS Came From Needles, Not Sex

A new study says that the re-use of dirty needles in healthcare is the main cause of the AIDS epidemic that is depopulating Africa. For years, researchers puzzled over the fact that they could find no common sexual practices that explained the rise in AIDS among heterosexuals there. "We've gathered all the literature we can on AIDS in Africa...

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Can Lemon Juice Prevent AIDS?

Australian scientists think lemon juice could be a cheap and effective form of birth control, as well as help stop the spread of AIDS. Roger Short says lab tests show that lemon juice kills off sperm and HIV. This is one of the secrets of birth control and venereal disease protection in the days before the Pill or the diaphragm.


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AIDS?Chimps Survived It, We Will Too

Chimpanzees may have survived an epidemic like AIDS two million years ago, which explains why they are now immune to AIDS. This means that eventually?a long time from now?humans will probably be immune too. Chimpanzees have only half as many variations of certain anti-virus immune system genes as humans, meaning that chimps with immune systems...

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Caution: You Are What You Eat

More than one-fifth of the monkey meat sold in the markets of Cameroon is infected with SIV, the ancestor of HIV, according to the first major survey of bushmeat. The level and variety of simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) strains researchers found reveals the risk that new HIV-like viruses may enter humans who eat this bushmeat.

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Herbs Treat AIDS in Africa

Jack Githae believes Africa could defeat its AIDS epidemic if it would embrace the healing powers of herbs. The Kenyan healer is one of a growing number of African herbalists who believe that ancient wisdom could help cure this modern disease. ?To me this is a natural pharmacy,? says Githae. ?We have seen such miraculous cures from this natural...

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African Animals Survive With AIDS

AIDS will surpass the Black Death as the world?s worst pandemic if the 40 million people living with HIV or AIDS do not get life-prolonging drugs. The illness has killed 25 million people since the early 1980s, and an estimated 14,000 people are infected each day with HIV, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, home to more than 28 million HIV/AIDS...

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New AIDS Vaccine Fails

Harvard AIDS researchers working with monkeys say the virus overcame an experimental vaccine by changing a single gene, killing one of the 8 animals being tested. This disappointment doesn?t mean that AIDS vaccines are doomed to fail, but it illustrates how hard it will be to produce one.

HIV is already is known to mutate and become...

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